Monday, October 02, 2006

Yarn News

I have been dyeing up a storm lately and some of it will be in my etsy store soon (hopefully today), so keep your eyes out they tend to go fast.

Here is my latest in sock yarn. I am introducing two new colors this time: Candy Cane Lane and Happy Hanukkah. I'm very happy with these two festive yarns and I am sure will be fun to knit up as socks for a special someone or for your very own. As you can see from the amount that I dyed that dyeing has been a bit slower around here. I do most of my dyeing outside, so as it gets colder I am probably not going to be doing as much as I did over the summer. I am thinking that I will be able to go pretty strong through this month and possibly into November. Don't worry though if you really need a specific yarn I will do custom orders over the winter and spring. I will start back up dyeing regularly when it is warm again. (I really think I envy Scout for her beautiful year round weather, at least from a dyeing perspective). If you're worried about the store, it does not mean that it will be empty over those months either. I have some wonderful patterns that I am working on that will be put up there and possibly some other items. We shall see.

Here is some more yarn that I dyed. It is going to be used for Christmas presents for a couple of the guys in my life. Some of them might read this blog so that is all I am saying for now.

Right now I am working on felted slippers for my grandfather. I am feeling pretty good about this because usually he is one of the last people on my list and I have a hard time shopping for him. Everyone in the family brings him chocolate and nuts and alcohol so it is hard to be original. I am hoping that he will like these. His one foot kinda drags now so I am hoping that these will be alright. I am going to put leather bottoms on them so he won't slip.

The finished pattern looks like this. Much much better than what they look like in process. The pattern is Fiber Trends Felt Clog pattern, which is one of the most popular patterns that we carry at Knot Another Hat. I am knitting it out of Cascade 220 in colors #9449 Midnight Heather (dark blue) and #8555 Black. I really like the combination even if it doesn't photograph well. It is very manly and, even though my grandfather likes more browns and oranges, I am making them out of blue and black because I like them better. I'm sure that he will like them too. They are a lot of fun to knit so far and I will keep you updated as to their progress.

Coming Soon: Two free patterns for quick holiday projects.

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Anonymous said...

very beautiful! i understand about the weather. maybe one day we can get you a fully vented year-round dying studio? ;)