Saturday, October 07, 2006


I have decided to knit the Sugarplum Pullover from Handknit Holidays (page 126). It is a gorgeous sweater, but I am slightly dubious about it. Mainly it makes me nervous because I have found two errors to the pattern before I even cast on.

The first being that it says that the yarn is 400 yards to an ounce and is then knit on 5s without doubling it. By finding some online somewhere I figured out that it is really only 100 yards to the ounce, so that was one problem down.

The second mistake that I found is that the majority of the sweater (ie everything but the colorwork) is knit on 5s but the say to knit the gauge swatch in st st and not in the colorwork on size 7s. I did a little math of the size around the chest when it is still knit on 5s and it most certainly has to have that same gauge on 5s. Which means if I had knit my swatch on 7s that the sweater would be incredibly too small by the time I switched to 5s.

It does make me incredibly nervous about knitting this pattern. So, my cry for help is that if anyone else out there has knit or attempted to knit this sweater to give me a heads up. From reading the rest of it the pattern seems fairly straight forward, so I am going to go ahead with it. (Read: I am too stubborn to give it up). Your thoughts and comments would be great so let me know =)


Ruby Banshee said...

I googled it and found one person that's about to finish one:
She writes her blog in finnish and english, and seems really nice.

Anonymous said...

There's a HandKnits Holiday Knitalong that has errata and fellow Sugarplum-ers. It's from last year and there aren't a lot of posts, but there are links to errata.