Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Thoughts

I just thought I would put up a small post up with some happy news. My husband is employed! And I mean really truly wonderfully employed. He got his dream job! We're not certain if we can actually mention the company itself, but I will say that it is a pretty awesome company in the tech industry. Blair has been walking on air ever since he found out. I just wanted to thank everyone who thought good thoughts for us.

Another happy thought is this lovely post by Sarah. The middle school kids each wrote notes to all the wonderful donors of yarn. Their notes definately made it worthwhile. I am so happy that Sarah and I could organize this. They now have enough yarn for both this year and for future classes.

So, today I am off with my hubby to go to the Harvest Fest and possibly a drive to take pretty pictures of the changing leaves.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you guys. I HEART employment. Especially for you hubbies. There is just nothing like a man who is providing to make things right with the world.
Way to go secret company!!!

Sabrina Hirsch said...

Oh Vonnie, finally! Although we all knew he would get it! Tell him congrats for me!