Friday, January 26, 2007

First FO of 2007

The bag is done! Isn't it gorgeous? I am so happy with it.

It is actually now posted up in my shop for the lovely kristensen. She also picked the purple flower button, which you can see in the last post. I must say that I have a hard time picking buttons. I really just want them all, then I debate and finally make my decision. It is just so much easier for me to let somebody else pick. Anyway, *happy dance* first finished object complete! Now I just need to work on everything else.

I also got another skein of yarn all spun up. I am just so happy to get all this spinning time. It makes me feel very inspired to create at the moment. This yarn is 100% Blue-Faced Leicester Wool, handpainted by me. It is roughly around DK weight. I named it Spring Rain because it has all the beautiful colors of spring with subtle mist of the first spring rain. It will be for sale at Knot Another Hat very soon.

Dye News: Well, as you can see January is almost to a close, so that means that I will be dyeing again very soon. I am actually really excited to be dyeing yarn again, which is the entire purpose of taking a break. So, if you want to start putting in your orders, ideas, preferences, comments, etc... you can email me (address in the sidebar) or leave a comment. This will really help me to know what yarns I need to order before the dyeing begins. I have already started a mental list so just keep it coming.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Strawberry Shortcake

When I was growing up Strawberry Shortcake was one of my favorite characters. One of my earliest memories is of the Strawberry Shortcake curtains I had on my windows.

Which brings me to this new pretty yarn. It is 100% superwash wool and a worsted weight. It also isn't as glaring red as the picture, but a nice pretty red with light white and yellow accent. Definitely a Strawberry Shortcake red. I'm usually not a huge red fan, but this yarn really makes me happy. It is for sale at Knot Another Hat.

I almost have a finished object! I keep reading all these wonderful blogs and how they have their first FOs for 2007 and I am feeling a bit left behind. It is made from Lamb's Pride Worsted in Raspberry and Brown from my art deco bag pattern. This bag only needs to be blocked a little and the buttons added.

Speaking of buttons, here are the choices for the bag. I just emailed the person commissioning the bag for her choice. I really love them all, they are so pretty. I got them from the Button Emporium in Portland, which sells primarily buttons and ribbon. It is a fabulous place that has just about every button you could possibly think of. I have a hard time choosing myself which button for this bag, but I have to say that I am leaning towards the hummingbird on the bottom right. Anyway, I hope I hear back from her soon so that I can finally get my first finished object for 2007.

Though, speaking of commissions, the Entrelac "Scarf" continues on. I have 65" of the 90" I need. I also saw the person commissioning it and she got a look at the scarf. She is still adament about it being 90" so I knit on. I must say, though, that she is really super nice about everything. She told me that if I wanted to take a break and work on something else I could. It is a very tempting offer, but I know that if I do I'll never pick it up again.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Little Update

I think that life may be slowing down just a little. A wee bit at that, which is a relief after all that Christmas rush. My mitten class is awesome and I just started a learn to knit class which is also awesome. I just love it when I get a group of people that pick up on things quickly and really enjoy learning.

Here is the surprise object I mentioned earlier. I knit a ski mask for my dad for his birthday. Unfortunately it is a little tight right across the nose. So I am going to have to rip it past the eye hole and remake it a little. I think a little nose shaping would make it better. I did start with the Antifreeze pattern from knitty, but I didn't like all the short rows and the shaping, so I just decided to design my own. I thought that a hat with a hole in it would work. It does work too, it's just that I made the bind off too tight around the bottom of the eye hole. I might also make the top longer and have less decreases so it doesn't get so pointy. Oh, details details. I think at times that it can be more difficult to design for men than it can be to design for women. When I get it redone, which hopefully will be in the next week, I'll post a picture of it actually modelled.

In awesome store news: Chrissy is now carrying my yarn on her site Gardiner Yarnworks. Now you can by my lovely one of a kind handpainted yarn with the fabulous Chrissy Gardiner's one of a kind sock patterns. A perfect match I think. You can buy her kits for Mt Hood and Columbia River. Also make sure to check out the rest of her site and her lovely patterns while you are there.

I have finally gotten some time to spin. I miss my spinning so much at times, it really is a comfort to me. This technically isn't the first skein of the new year, but it is close enough. It is called Wildflowers. It is 100% Corriedale Cross and was dyed by the extremely awesome Dicentra Designs. It is for sale at Knot Another Hat. I'm sure that if it isn't listed on my page that you could email Sarah about it if you really want it. I have a second skein as well, I'm just going to save it for the next post. Its name is Strawberry Shortcake to give you a little hint.

In other news: Sarah is making a pair of socks out of Cinder. That's right Cinder, not OSU, no matter what some people might say. I might just have to come up with a lemon lime (aka UO yarn) just to make up for it.

I will now leave you guys with a link to a picture of the cutest Knittin' Kitten! Thank you Cute Overload!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Fortune Cookie

What with my husband posting up all of the fortunes from his fortune cookies (he collects them in his wallet), I decided that I needed to post this:

My Fortune Cookie told me:
If you never look out of the window, you will not see the llama until it is too late.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

I just thought it was too funny that it mentioned a llama. Especially since every time my husband and I go for a drive we are on sheep/alpaca/llama watch. I think that they are all so adorable!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It is definitely cold around here. Yet another winter storm has swept the Northwest. I've lost count of how many storms this year, but it seems like we have gotten a lot this year. Though I must admit that I do love snow. I love how it just frosts everything with this little accent of white. What I hate, though, is that my husband has to head off down the freeway in it. The freeways are pretty clear, but I just don't like anything that makes his commute any more dangerous than it has to be. Thankfully he has made it safely to work everyday and I can breath easy knowing that he is now there safe and warm.

Now what to do during all this winter weather? Why knit, what else? Not much has changed with the entrelac "scarf" (it is going to be in quotes, because 12 x 90 isn't a scarf, but yet it isn't wide enough to be a shawl either).

I have started work on another of my commissions. This is my art deco bag in Chocolate Raspberry. I really love making this bag, it is really fun and simple to make. It is also complex enough that it keeps me interested throughout it. Though I am biased, since I am the one that designed it. The pattern is for sale there in the sidebar or you can visit my etsy shop.

Ok, so I have actually started a 2nd project. I would show you, but it is a gift, so probably next week, with some nice modelling and such. There isn't much progress on the Anemoi's either. I have about 1/4 of the cuff done. It is a really fun project, but I should probably go back to being responsible and work some more on some knit things that I am actually being paid for. Onto the Entrelac!

Website News: Gallery page has been updated again! Just keep those photos coming!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy Blogiversary!

Today is my 1 year blogiversary. On this very day one year ago I started up my very own blog. I have met so many new people in the last year that it is unbelievable. There are far too many to list and you know who you are, so I will leave it at that. I have even started turning people over to the dark side, convincing them that they too needed a blog. People like Sarah and Sabrina. Then Destiny started up a blog too. I am very proud of everything that I have accomplished and can't wait to see what comes in the new year.

Here is the progress on the Entrelac "Scarf". It is now a little over half way done. Meaning that it is a little over 45" in its unblocked state. It just seems to go on forever, but I feel better now that I am past the 1/2 way point. If you look closely you can see the fold in the scarf.

This is the very start of the Anemoi mittens. I know that I should be knitting constantly on the Entrelac "Scarf", but I just felt like I needed to start something else. Also, my mitten class started last week and I really like to have a project that goes along with the classes that I teach as a little treat to myself. It took me a little while to get gauge, but I finally managed it on US2.5's (Addi 2s) for the smallest size when I should be on 1s. I am so excited about getting to make these gorgeous mittens. I am making them out of Drops Alpaca colors blue #6790 & light butter #2110. I also finished the cable mitten, but it is down at KAH as a display for my mitten class. I'll show it off when it comes back home.

Website news: I have updated the Finished Objects Gallery with all of the photos I have received so far. Go and check them out, they are truly gorgeous. It just makes me so happy to see all of the things that have been made with my yarn. It is also not too late to submit any photos you may have, in fact it is never too late, so feel free to submit them anytime. I also updated the Yarn Gallery with all of the new yarns that I posted up on my etsy shop earlier this week.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Lots of New Things

I have so many new things to talk about:

So, let's start this out by announcing that my new website is up and running! I am very happy about it. For one thing there is now a gallery of Finished Objects from people using my very own yarn. Feel free to contribute anytime and I will add your photo, any comments you might have, and your blog site. I am also really happy that I now have a yarn gallery that lists just about all of the colorways that I have created. So, if you are thinking of having a yarn custom dyed then they are all listed right there. Either that or you can peruse through the gallery and if something really grabs you and you can't find it in my shop then you can custom order it for the same price as just buying out of the shop.

Speaking of yarn and such. I just listed up these beauties in my etsy shop. Most of them are in the Superwash/Tencel blend and just in time for Valentine's day. All of them are new colorways except for, of course, Mountain Sunset. The colors are: Seduction, Be My Valentine, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Neopolitan, & Smooch. The pictures in the listings are much better than this one. The Tencel is so nice and shiny and gorgeous, but it doesn't seem to like the camera very much. I think that this will be the last of my dyeing for January, except for commissions. That is, unless magic elves help me catch up with all of the commissioned knitting I need to do.
Here is the entrelac "scarf" in progress. On Monday I dogsat for my parents. Molly is very motivational for getting my knitting done. She will go between this look and a sad depressed one until I come over and sit beside her and knit. What can I say, I just have to go knit when she is around. I just love her to pieces, she is such a good dog.

Though, for today I get a little break. Tomorrow is my mitten class and I have promised them a cable mitten as well as a colorwork and a plain mitten. This is the very last mitten, knit out of Nashua Superwash Color Olive #0034 for my husband. Thankfully I only have to get one done, then write the pattern for the class. I love teaching and it looks like this class is going to be a lot of fun. I am going to go play now for a bit, so happy knitting!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A little more something

Ok, so I am taking off a bit of time from the everlasting entrelac "scarf". I have the pattern up now, so it should be in the sidebar. Please pardon the state it is in right now. It is a readable pattern but it isn't 100% complete. This is just for those itching to go people who want the pattern. I have the top triangles in the pattern, but I haven't gotten to that part, so they may need to be altered. I also think I may have forgotten to put in the finishing part, but that is just sew in ends, block if you wish, etc... It will be in the final version, but until then the pattern is here. Oh, and it is actually loaded on my new website. I am also working away on that as well.

Actually I need a little help from all of you for a little project I want to unveil on my new site. I would love to start a gallery of finished objects made from my yarn. Like action shots and such. I really would love to see where my yarn has gone off to and what beautiful things it has been made into. Did you know that I have sold over 90 items in my shop since it opened? It is quite exciting for me to think about. So, if you haven't already, whip out those digital cameras and send me some pretty pictures. I'm hoping that the site will be up in a couple of weeks, probably just as soon as I get the entrelac "scarf" done.

My last break was actually to make this beauty. I know that one mitten doesn't really count as a finished object, but it should. I made it for the mitten class that I am teaching on Tuesday, which is also really exciting to me. I still have to make a cable mitten and type out the pattern(s), but that will all happen in due time. The only sad news about this mitten is that it is made out of some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (which I absolutely love), but there isn't enough red to make a second one and (this is a big and) they have decided to discontinue making this color. I must say that this makes me uber sad because this was one of the most popular colors at the shop and one of my favorite colors. If protesting would do any good I would go out and do it! I think to make its mate that I am going to have to make it in the grey with a red stripe so that they go together.

One last thing, I joined The Organized Elf, which is supposed to help people like me get organized for Christmas 2007. Nothing too drastic, but just a way to knit things throughout the year so that there isn't that last minute struggle. The mittens totally count towards Christmas '07 presents, I'm just not sure who I would give them to since they fit me. Anyway, I think that I will probably post up some goals and such in the near future so I can keep on track. Check it out if you are interested. It is a really awesome site and hosted by Beverly who helped organize such wonderful swaps as the Sock Kit Swap that I joined last year and the Mitten Kit Swap that I wanted to join but didn't have time for.

I hope everybody out there is getting back in the groove for the new year.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year New Commissions

I just seem to be getting commissions left and right, which is good, very very good.

The first being 12 skeins of Mt Hood and 12 skeins of Columbia River from Chrissy. Thankfully I am all done with this set. I will make sure to let you know when the kits are available on her website. In the mean time go and check out her site and look at the fabulous kits that she already has up with Mama-E's fiber. I think Chrissy has a pretty good thing going. I also think that her Autumn in Oregon socks totally rock (which is the pattern in the kit) and I already have plans for making a pair.

Next commission up is this lovely blackberry yarn. Purple Blackberry to be precise. This is a commission from my etsy shop. I haven't totally made up my mind whether I am going to carry it or when, I really like it though, so we shall see. I actually am only going to do one little dye session for January and everything else is going to be commission only. For January only!!! I just don't have the time with all of the commissions I already am getting to really sit down and do a huge dye session for the shop. I can do a huge dye session for a commission though. So, if there is something that you really want, just let me know and I will dye it up for you. I have on hand my regular superwash sock yarn, the Tencel/Merino blend that is absolutely gorgeous, and Twist the worsted weight yarn that has a twist of color to it. So if you want any of those yarns dyed up just leave me a comment, email me, or message me through my etsy shop.

The first knitted commission is, of course, this gorgeous entrelac scarf. I have gotten quite a bit done on it, but there is still plenty more to do. I have 19" (20" blocked) and a mere 70" to go. Did I mention that in theory I am suppose to have this done by Friday? I am really happy with how the colors are turning out, but I worry that this thing is going to be like a blanket by the time I am done. It will most certainly keep the wearer warm though. It is made out of Miner Creek Alpaca in color Fiesta #112. Pattern coming soon (hopefully this week in fact).

The second knitted commission is one of my Art Deco bags in a raspberry / chocolate combination. I really like this combination and I can't wait to get started. I will also take knitting commissions, though I am pretty well booked through January. The pattern is available in my shop in paper and in .pdf if you want to make your own.

I hope that everybody is having a great new year!