Friday, August 31, 2007


Ok, so this post is mostly about pretty furniture, vaguely related to all things fiber. So to distract you from that I will start with a link to Sarah's blog where itty bitty Mallory is wearing some of the pretty things I have knit. Let me just say that this is the entire reason for knitting for babies, adorable baby pictures in handknit items.

Ok, back to the furniture. Recently they built an Ikea in Portland. Before this I had never been in an Ikea. I have seen plenty of really pretty things around on various blogs that let me know that it was an incredible place to visit. I wasn't disappointed. We went last Saturday through tons of people and gave the place a good look through. We had a mission: my husband wanted to find another bookcase and I wanted a set of cubbies, like those at Knot Another Hat, to store my yarn in. Here is what we found:

Ok, so this wasn't on the list. This is a lovely set of shelves that we found just perfect for our DVDs. One of the things that was going to happen with my set of cubbies was that the shelf that formerly held our tapes and dvds was going to be moved. I boxed up all of our tapes. Eventually I am going to replace all of our tapes with dvds anyway.

Next, Blair insisted that we needed a new bookcase. I guess he was right. We filled this baby up right away. If you look closely that is Harry Potter on the top and knitting books on the second shelf. This way I actually have knitting books in my bedroom. Blair is so smart!

Lastly, this is my set of cubbies just for Lavendersheep. Just think you are seeing the whole shop in one shot! I am a little low on yarn at the moment because I am working on a big, big order for Woolgirl. I see a lot of winding in my future, but it is all good. Lots of stuff for fall, so stay tuned to her site for a big update.

I do have a few knitted items to share with you next time. I'm going to be working less over the next couple of weeks, which means I should have a bit more time to blog! Yay!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So much to Knit, So little Time!

Let's see if we can get a little caught up on the tons of stuff I have been up to lately. So, this will be a little photo heavy, and still not everything.

I went and washed an alpaca fleece that was given to me by a customer. This was one dirty alpaca. It definitely had a lot of fun rolling itself in every bit of dirt it could find. I still didn't get all of the dirt out, but I am going to card it over the winter and possibly dye it so that should get some more of the dirt out, hopefully.

Next, I finally finished my mobius bag that I started right before Christmas. It was a really easy knit, I just needed to get it done. This is it prefelted.

This is after it was felted. This picture does not do justice to how gorgeous this bag really is. I am letting the shop borrow it for awhile until I decide what to do with it. I also think it might need a button or two to round it out. This bag was knit with 3 balls of Dive Teseo Color #21763 Riviera Blue.

Next on my finished list is this adorable hat that I knit for Sarah's baby. I have wanted to knit this hat all summer, but had to finish my sockaplooza socks first. They took top priority! The pattern is the Emli Bonnet by Alison of The Blue Blog and I knit it with my own Lavendersheep Silk Noil in color Rosebud. Believe me I have a ton left of it too to make plenty more hats. This bitty thing only took 1 oz, so I could probably get 4 out of 1 skein!

Lastly, more knitting away on the Skull Socks. I am bound and determined to finish these off for my husband. I am actually just about through with the heel right now, but didn't feel like snapping another picture. The pattern is an adaptation of Hello Yarn's We Call Them Pirates Hat pattern and the yarn is Cool Wool in Color #433 Black & #432 Cream.

I have also started a baby surprise jacket out of the Noro Kureyon that I got from the Lint Sale. It isn't super soft, but I am having a lot of fun knitting it. No babies in sight for it to go to either, so I figure it will just be something to keep on hand. No pictures at the moment, but soon.

In other news: I am teaching a class tonight on the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs. I love this pattern a whole lot and the combination I have picked out is down right awesome. I'll show you guys what I am talking about after I get them started tonight.

Oh, and speaking of classes there is still room in the Dye Class and in the Forest Canopy Lace Shawl Class that I am teaching in September. So if you are in the area, you had better sign up soon, because they fill up fast. You can sign up online too or over the phone.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sockaplooza 4 at and End

Sorry to keep those sad posts up for so long. I have been doing much better. I even got my Sockaplooza package out only 1 day late. My pal was Danby, who unfortunately does not have a blog, but was super fun to knit for. I sent her this package:

Here is a closeup of the socks. They are way awesome. I decided to challenge myself with doing a mosaic pattern. The pattern is Maze from Sensational Knitted Socks. I knit it with my Lavendersheep Superwash Sock Color Mountain Sunset and Lana Grossa Meleinweit in Navy. My pal already has received them and loves them, which makes me very happy!

Here are the Sockaplooza Socks that were sent to me. My pal was Caitlin of The Cresent Knitter. She is a Muslim Knitter and has a really awesome blog, so go check it out. She is also hosting a knit-along for the Anne of Green Gables books. I am very tempted to join, but I haven't decided yet.

Aren't they pretty?

Anyway, I should have a post up soon about our fabulous trip to Ikea, or more to the point the pretty pretty shelves that we got that are now organizing all the Lavendersheep yarns. I should also have a post up soon about some projects I have just got off the needles. Sneak previews on Ravelry. I did update my shop, if you really want updates sooner to my shop, subscribe to the feed.