Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Everything is Coming up Thrums!

We are home from our trip to Hawaii! I was going through some photos and realized that I hadn't posted these wonderful thrum photos! These are a couple of samples made for the booth from my friend Jill. Up top are the Thrum Mittens. They are made with 1 skein of MIO Columbia Aran in color Dark Roast and 1 skein of MIO Columbia Pencil Roving in color Mine, Don't Touch! for the thrums. 

Below are the Retro Thrum Slippers. Also made with one skein of MIO Columbia Aran in color Dark Roast and 1 skein of MIO Columbia Pencil Roving in color Mine, Don't Touch! for the thrums. Though you could probably use just one skein of the pencil roving to make both sets of mittens and slippers! They are both wonderfully cushy and warm. They would keep your feet snuggly all winter long!

Don't forget that if you buy them in a kit you save 10% on the yarn!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza, part 2

So what is a birthday party / tea party without a party crowns to go with them? So I made up a few crowns for my kiddos. 

I let the birthday girl choose which one she wanted first and she went for the purple (rav link)!

The boy child picked the blue one (rav link)!

That leaves one extra pink (rav link) one for a guest when they come to visit! I used some Little Lehigh Pebbles for all of them, from my stash. The yarn has been discontinued, which still makes me sad. The yarn retailed for around $4-$5 and you could get an entire baby sweater out of one ball! I have a small stash of it left I'm saving for special occasions. 

The pattern is super easy. I highly recommend it. I memorized it pretty quickly and whipped these out in just a couple of days.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza part 1

So one of the things I love about having a girly girl is the fact that I can make her super girly girl things. When I saw the tea set (rav link) in Itty Bitty Nursery I knew I needed to make it for my girly girl's birthday. Note: Sorry the photos are a bit bright, I used my phone for all of them.

I didn't make the whole set because I figured I would make more pieces later and expand the collection. It is a huge set! It also includes things like tea bags made out of fine weight yarn and sequins, which I don't think my girl is quite old enough for yet. So I settled on 1 teapot, 2 cups, 2 cupcakes, and a serving plate for the cupcakes. 

I love the finished product. It is adorable! However, I do have a pretty big complaint about the pattern and that is there is a lot of crochet in it. I am not crochet adverse, I can crochet just fine, but I wasn't expecting there to be crochet outside of maybe a little edging. A little warning would have been nice. There is a lot of crochet! So this is the heads up for everyone else out there to think about before trying to make this pattern. Here is what is crocheted: Teapot: the body and spout are knit. Handles are knit i-cord the wrapped with yarn. The top doily piece is crocheted. Cups: mostly knit, with bottom edging crocheted. Plate: Knit with crochet edging. Cupcakes: Bottom is crocheted and top is crocheted, only knitting is a garter st band which goes around the outside of the cupcake. So depending on your crochet ability you may want to skip this one or find a crochet friend to walk you through it. It isn't especially difficult, just surprising!

Though, the end result is definitely stunning. I showed my daughter how to use it and she immediately took to it. I used Jil Eaton Cotton, which was very nice to work with as far as cotton goes. I know this set is sturdy and will stand up to a lot of abuse. I think I'll even be able to hand wash it if it gets used in a realistic way. Bottom line, my daughter loves it and I may even have to make a few more pieces for her next birthday or Christmas. =)

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Christmas in July: SW Sock Yarn Sale!

Superwash Sock Yarn now $18 per skein!

Summer knitting can be rather daunting, what with wool and it being so warm out. So during the summer months I switch to smaller projects like socks and baby things that stay out of my lap. I thought what a perfect time to have a sale on sock yarn, especially my very popular Superwash Sock!

Also, I had the opportunity to replace my Superwash Sock Yarn base with a new made in the USA base yarn. The new yarn is a little bit heavier, but oh so squishy! I know you are going to love it! I just need to make a little room on the shelves before I can show it off. If you are a lover of my Superwash Sock then you had better scoop it up quick! There's not much left and it's going fast at that price!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Animal Crackers

The kids and I had fun making animal crackers for my daughter's birthday. It was so much fun!

We made cheese ones from the Smitten Kitchen Whole Wheat Goldfish Cracker Recipe. So easy! I highly recommend it! The crackers come out delicious too! I just end up using regular bleach flour and skip the whole wheat part. Though I'm sure they are good either way. =)

We also made more traditional graham animal cracker ones from the King Arthur's Flour recipe. I substituted graham flour for oat flour, because I have an easier time digesting it. It came out super dry so I added roughly 1/4 cup of milk and they came out just fine. The kids seem to be eating them up!

The cracker cutters came from King Arthur's Flour too! They are just too cute! They are also simple enough that my 4 year old didn't have any trouble using them by himself. I also want to try out Smitten Kitchen's Graham Cracker Recipe, because it looks really good, but it will have to wait for next time!