Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Colorway! Spring Wildflowers / Pink Lady

Today we have 2 colorways to share! They are a variation on one another, but I love them both, so I am keeping them both! The first is Pink Lady, soft and subtle with bits of soft pink and pale green. Then Spring Wildflowers adds a dash of deeper green, creating a whole new colorway!

The first is Pink Lady. Growing up in the Hood River Valley I was introduced to many different apple varieties. My favorite ones were always the ones the blended soft greens and pinks, including Pink Ladies.

Merino Tencel Roving

Superwash BFL Roving

This yarn is named Spring Wildflowers. I love Springtime! Especially the little pink wildflowers peeking through the new spring grass. 

Superwash Sport Yarn

Monday, February 24, 2014

Thrum Booties

I love baby booties. They are so quick and easy! Every baby should have at least one handknit pair!

I finished these back in December. It literally took me less than an afternoon to make them and it was my first time thrumming! The pattern is Teething Booties (rav link). The yarn is MIO Columbia Aran in Dark Roast with MIO Columbia Pencil Roving in Mine, Don't Touch! for the thrums. I have the yarn and pattern all in stock in The Shop!

Here is a look at the thrums on the inside. I did pick and choose my colors so I would get all of them in the tiny slipper. There is a lot of fiber in one skein of pencil roving. I would guess with one skein of each you could make 2-3 pairs of booties and still have plenty of roving left over.

Here is the outside. So cute! I definitely plan on making them for the next person I know expecting a baby! For now I will just have to satisfy myself with having this little one in the booth as a sample!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crown Point

This roving and yarn is named Crown Point. Every spring I go for a drive with my family up the old Scenic Highway to Crown Point. Every year I am mesmerized by the beautiful bright green moss peaking through the cracks of the stones. It really is that bright! I wanted to capture the colors of the stones and the bright contrast of spring moss through them in this fiber.

Superwash BFL Roving

Merino Tencel Roving

Superwash Sport Yarn

Monday, February 17, 2014

Kitty Pants Revisited!

With all the snow last week I had the chance to get out these awesome pants again!

The kitty pants (rav link) were a big hit and kept my baby warm through all her play out in the snow! I made them back when I had my first baby and he loved them too! So glad they fit her right now! She refused to take them off even after we came back inside and kept pointing to the kitties and saying "meow! meow!" I should think about making them again in one of the bigger sizes since they work so well for both kids! After she grows out of them they will definitely be put away for the next generation!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Colorway! Poppy Field

This roving and yarn is named Poppy Field. I love poppies. They are so wild and elusive. I thought I would paint a colorway which represented the california poppies, which grow wild everywhere around here. Also, the purple, red, and coppery ones from my mother's garden. There's something about them that just makes me smile when I see them.

Merino / Tencel Roving

Superwash Sport Yarn

Superwash BFL Roving

Monday, February 10, 2014

New! MIO Columbia Roving

For those wanting something local to spin I am introducing MIO Columbia Roving! Grown in Oregon and dyed in Oregon! This wool is a medium wool, very squishy and dense! I know it will make great yarn, because I also carry Pencil Roving and Aran yarn made out of the same wool. They are both delightful to work with. Lovely stuff!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Copper Kettle

This roving is named Copper Kettle. I love copper. I love the rusty orange color it has when it is new and shiny. I love the green to aqua tones it has when it ages. I set out to capture those colors in this fiber. The end result is even more gorgeous than I planned.

Merino Tencel Roving

Merino Tencel Roving

Superwash BFL Roving

Superwash BFL Roving
Now available in Merino Tencel Roving and Superwash BFL Roving. Click the links to see all of the new colors before I post them here!

Monday, February 03, 2014

New! MIO Columbia Pencil Roving

Just in time for the Ravellenic Games, I have listed my latest Made in Oregon (MIO) fiber! This is MIO Columbia Pencil Roving! What I love about pencil roving is it is so versatile! It can be spun into yarn. It can be knit straight up! It can also be used as an easy way to make thrums! Just measure your length and pull off each thrum! So easy and fun! Each skein contains 2oz (56 grams) and 80 yards!

Just remember it is grown in Oregon and dyed in Oregon, just the way it should be! It joins MIO Columbia Aran (the same base as the Olympic Sweaters by Ralph Lauren). I also have MIO Columbia Roving, which I'll talk about next time!