Monday, March 31, 2014

Laundry Line

First load of laundry on the line for the year! Bring on Spring!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Studio Tour: The Wet Studio!

So one of my plans for my new studio in the new house is to actually have 2 studios. One is a wet studio, where all the messy wet stuff can be done. The other is a dry studio, where things like winding yarn, sewing, carding, and so many other dry activities can be done. Today we are going to focus on the wet studio!

Here is the whole room, which is probably about the size of my old studio! So much space! On the right is my dye table ready to dye yarn. I propped it up on bricks so it is a standing table. So much better then bending over at a regular table. 

Here are a couple of my drying racks. I also have a laundry line outside, which will come in handy as the days get warmer! I have lots of plans for dyeing lots of yarn this summer! Maybe even classes, if I can get  them all organized!

My first custom order in the new studio! It's out the door already. It definitely got me into the swing of things, so if there is something in particular you want, just ask!

My very own faucet. The wet studio is an addition to the house, which means this lovely faucet was left behind with the remodel. It actually comes in very handy! I fill all my buckets using it, then when I'm done I dump the wooly water on the garden.

Also, since the wet studio is the closest to natural light I have setup my photo area there as well. Not exactly a wet activity, but we go where the light is! I'm still tweaking it a bit to figure out the best spot, but I think it will work for now. 

I'm almost done with my dry studio. Just need to assemble a couple of Ikea shelves and then I'll do a tour of it too! It is customer ready. So if you are in the area and want to take a look at things in person, feel free to drop me a line! I've already had a couple people through who have thought it was pretty awesome!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dragons Love Tacos

It has been a busy week. We celebrated my son's birthday last week. He is 4, can you believe it?! We also all have come down with a nasty head cold. So I've been too busy to blog. I have plenty to catch up on!

I highly recommend the book Dragons Love Tacos! It is a favorite with my kids. Also, a great book to plan a party around! I made the dragon (rav link) and my mom made adorable felt tacos. The taco pattern can be found on Etsy. So cute! I made the dragon out of Tosh Chunky, which was a great yarn to work with. I love the pattern by Barbara Prime. It was a lot of fun to follow. I think I might need to make some more of her patterns, especially the sheep!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our House!

ETA: We have accepted an offer! Yay! Fingers crossed it all goes through!

Our house has been listed!

I took this photo last summer of our neighborhood. It is a lovely place to live. Lots of growing families in the neighborhood. Kids to play with, friendly neighbors, the whole deal. We are really going to miss it!

You can see the listing here:

The photos in it are from 2009 and don't show all the improvements we made to the house. I'm hoping to do a whole post and tour of the house once either I can get photos or I can get some from the real estate agent. Please check it out or share it with someone who is looking for either a nice starter home or a rental investment. I know it would work great as either!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Charlotte Rose Hat

This is another project I finished before the end of 2013. It is a super fast and super fun project to knit. 

I knit this as a booth sample. The pattern is the Charlotte Rose Hat and the yarn is MIO Columbia Pencil Roving in color Owen. There are kits available in the shop. The pencil roving is a little delicate to work with, but once it is knit up it is so soft and warm. I want to wear this hat all the time. This is also the smallest size, which is plenty big for a woman's head. I think the sizes in the pattern run a little large. Also, 2 skeins of the MIO Columbia Pencil Roving are more than plenty to knit this hat!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Brick Rib Sock

I forgot to post these and just came across this photo!

My friend Jill made them as a booth sample for me. The pattern is Brick Rib Sock by Chrissy Gardiner of Gardiner Yarn Works. The yarn is Superwash Sock in Garden Party! This pattern is so fun for any varigated yarn. I have knit them before myself and really loved the pattern! Definitely check it out if you haven't already!

Monday, March 03, 2014