Friday, September 29, 2006

A Little Change

So, I finally have before and after pictures of our bathroom. As a little note, my husband and I more or less housesit for my grandparents that have moved into a retirement home. It works for us as my husband is trying to find a career (we graduated from University of Oregon a year from last June) or at least a permanent job. It works for my grandparents/my family, because there is some sort of fear that meth users are going to take over the house and use it for evil purposes. It means that we at least have a place to stay relatively rent free. The only trouble with this house is that my grandfather smoked in the house for 20 odd years before they moved out. Though don't worry the basement (where we live), was thoroughly scrubbed and tubbed and painted before we moved in, or else we wouldn't be here. The last vestige of unpaintedness (though it was scrubbed) was the small (and only) bathroom in the basement.

Here is the bathroom in its before stage. Note the lime green. Also note that the lime green is not only on the walls it is also on the ceiling. I do happen to like lime green, especially in garments and such, but I don't seem to like it very much on the walls or on the ceiling. This, by the way, is the only room in the entire house that has the ceiling painted something other than white. This house has many quirks like that where one just has to ask what on earth were my grandparents thinking. They built the house in 1985, so it wasn't exactly all that long ago.

Here is the in progress shot. You can really see the contrast between what we were painting and what was there before. The ceiling is now white in this shot, which is truly wonderful. I worked the first day with my husband and together we painted the first coat. The second coat on the ceiling and the rest of the walls was painted solely by my husband while I went to work down at KAH. Yay him! He is truly a wonder and I love him very much for it! Now please some wonderful company hire him permanently, he is such a good and hard worker!

Here is the finished bathroom. It now has a soft green in it and white ceiling. We also had a bit of a time putting together the evil towel rack. It had never been put into a stud so the screws slowly came out of the wall. That and when I went to "fix" it the first time it wasn't exactly level, though I blame that on it being an optical illusion. So we found the stud, and we bought a level to put the stupid thing in. It also had 2" screws for some odd reason (I should have taken pics of them), so they were a pain to put in. Our nice cordless drill didn't want to put them in, so we got to do it by hand. It was definately a comedy of errors. At some point one or the both of us need to become a bit more handy or at least buy more tools. Yes, that will solve all our problems =P.

The last and final finishing touch to the bathroom was a pair of these rugs. I found them at Target for $6.95 a piece on sale. I just simply love them. The pile is low enough that the bathroom door can go right over the top of them. I have a feeling that this does away with my making garterlac bathmats, at least for the time being. I still really really want to make one, but I'm not sure where I would put it. Hmm...perhaps a woolen one out of slubby handspun for my welcome mat... Ok, I have ideas, and I will keep you posted if they actually come true.

In Knitting News: Go and Check out Sarah's Blog post on the Middle School kids. We went on Thursday to visit their class and drop off the second load of yarn to them. They were so excited to see all that yarn. It was just incredible to see so many young people enjoying knitting and crocheting. There were even several boys in the class, which I am always glad to see. It made me feel very good for running this little yarn drive and thank you all for participating along with me! =)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life is a Whirlwind

I have been doing so much lately that it will probably take a couple of days to catch up on it all. That and there are some stuff still in progress that I want to wait to show you all when they are done. One of the mammoth projects being painting our little bathroom. It has way too many little corners in it, but it will be done soon and that will make me very happy =)

I thought that I would share with you a finished object. I have several finished objects coming soon. They all have just a little bit more to do to them and they are done. That and I need to take photos of them. Anyway, this is my prototype bunny made with the yarn that was sent to me by my one skein pal highlyn of Ancient Threads. I really love this white yarn for it's feltability, but have no idea on a brand name or anything like that. So, I am going to knit it again only out of a commercial yarn that is carried at Knot Another Hat. I am thinking either Malabrigo (which is super soft), or Cascade Ecological Wool (comes in lots of natural colors), or the new Teseo (because it is so pretty and colorful). So many choices. Maybe I will try a little of each and see what I decide. I am going to offer the pattern for sale when I am through and I am thinking of coming out with a clothing line for her as well. So we shall see how that goes.

Next up, Anne in the UK sent me this lovely yarn as a donation to the middle school. You can read about more of our donations on Sarah's blog. This was just sent to me personally, so I took the opportunity to photograph it and thank her personally. She doesn't have a blog, so I can't link to it. This is really soft acrylic, so I think that it will work wonderfully for their class.

Actually, the real reason why I want to thank Anne is that she cleaned this lovely yarn out of her stash and sent it to me personally. It is incredible kid mohair from Australia. It is just perfect, because I was on the look out for a pretty yarn to make the Swallowtail Shawl for my grandmother for Christmas. My grandmother never goes near the internet, let alone a computer, so I have no fear about posting all about her Christmas present up here. Thank you so much Anne! It is really super awesome and I love it.

Lastly, this is my latest handspun which I have named Snowflake. It is 100% Suri Alpaca and is super super soft. It will be for sale down at Knot Another Hat soon and will be up on my yarn page soon too.

Coming Soon: More beautiful dyed sock yarn for my Etsy Store and my fabulous finished bathroom in all its glory. Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 25, 2006

So Much Time

I only wish! It seems like the holidays are looming up already. I always plan my Christmas stuff in September so that I have plenty of time to make things. This does not, however, mean that I am not still madly knitting the night before to finish of that last little bit of the toe on a sock. My one consolation is that I do not knit for my husband for Christmas. I think it lends a bit of sanity to the holidays. I do, however, have a gorgeous sweater planned out for him for the winter, but it does not have to be done by Christmas. I'll show you all the yarn soon.

So, since I am already busy, I decided that I would join Socktoberfest. I know that I will be knitting socks next month, since I like to keep a pair on the needles. I will especially be knitting a pair next month because I am not going to get a pair done for Sock-A-Month for this month. The most likely candidates are my traveling trekking socks (which you can see my progress on Sarah's OFFF post). They will be done next month, which is perfect =). I'll hopefully get to start on another pair then too, but we shall see. Anyway, Socktoberfest is really cool, so if you haven't joined it already go take a look at it and join the party!

I will leave you now with a couple of cool buttons that will be on the sidebar soon. They are for two of my favorite blogs: Whip Up & Major Knitter.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

Yesterday Sarah and I headed out to Oregon Flock and Fiber. Sabrina couldn't make it this time, oh well, maybe next year =). We had a lot of fun and spent lots of money on lots of pretty pretty things. It makes me so happy to have all these pretty things just in time for winter.

Two of my favorite being:

Blue Moon. How much more can I say than that? I was so very very sad that Knit Purl is no longer selling them. I even kept myself from buying any of their yarn at Black Sheep, because I could get it at Knit Purl, but alas no (maybe Knot Another Hat can get an account soon =)). So, I knew that they would be at OFFF and decided I would get a skein. I got Fire on The Mountain and I have plans for this yarn. I am thinking Entrelac Socks (like those on See Eunny Knit). Sarah thinks that I should start an Entrelac-A-Long, but I'm not sure if there is that much interest.

My other major interest is in Dicentra. I love her, well everything. She is a fantastic dyer and she names practically everything after Lord of the Rings things. What could be more cool than that? My favorite color of her's is Pellenor, which is simply gorgeous. I have yarn all for myself that I spun from one of her Blue Faced Leicester rovings (in Pellenor). I have plans for an Entrelac bag from it (see I'm hooked). There are other vendors that I love, but I either didn't get pics of them or they don't have websites. If I think of more I will make sure to put it up here. However, I did take some random fiber pics just to give you an idea of everything that is there.

Random Fiber =)

Random Spindle with an adorable Sheep Case.

More Dicentra, but sold through Crown Mountain Farms.

There is Sarah with all of her goodies. I am sure that she will have a post on her blog. I think she had a lot of fun too. After all this is just the beginning of her spinning stash and I think she got plenty to work on over the winter.

Finally, here is everything that I bought. It is all so lovely and just wants to be spun. I think I might be able to hold off for a little bit and get some things spun out of my stash first. many ideas. I hope that this inspires more people to come to OFFF next year or even to Black Sheep or any other fiber festival in your area. They are lots and lots of fun.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

And We're Off....

Off to Oregon Flock and Fiber that is. Today is OFFF and I am heading off with Sarah & Sabrina to go and enjoy the spoils of the day. I'm not sure what I am going to get, but I have cash that has no other priorities than to buy fiber and pretty things to spin up and make my fortune with. *happy dance*

In other news: Go Check out Sarah's blog for her first yarn that she has spun and plied. Also scroll down and read about all the lovely donations that we have been receiving. We are so happy to see all of this yarn coming in. If you would like to donate check out this post and this addendum!

I should have a post up soon with all the OFFF details and lots of pretty pics.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Better Late than Never

I feel like I haven't posted in awhile even though my last post was only on Sunday. Also, I tend to be a morning blogger and having to wait all day has made me feel late as well. The reason being this little bitty:

This is my parent's dog Molly. They went to Portland for the day so they asked if I would babysit. I just couldn't say no to this bit of fluff, especially since I was planning on knitting today. She is literally a lap dog and enjoys nothing more than laying on or next to my lap snoring away. The only trouble is it made it difficult to take pictures, hence the late blogging. For anyone who wants to know she is a miniature schnauzer and she is 9 years old.

Now for what I have accomplished today. The new class schedule for fall is up and I am making samples for my class. I am teaching a couple of new classes this fall. I am teaching Sarah's Beginning Hat class, a Felted Garland class (similar to the one in Handknit Holidays), and then a Last Minute Knitted Gifts class close to Christmas. The last class is the one that I was knitting for. I am making eye pillows as one of the four project options (the other 3 are a hat, a ribbed scarf, or a small bag). The design is my own. The first one is just a plain knit square and the second one that I am designing will have a cable across it. Pictured above is the plain knit (back side) blocking with the two liners filled with lentils and lavender. They are made from La Luz silk color #17122 Quince, which is super soft and super luxurious. They will be awesome for gifts and perfect for my class. What is great too is that I'm pretty sure that I can get probably 3 out of a single skein. The pattern will be available at Knot Another Hat and I will have further details when they are both done.

Update: Here is the yarn for the prize for our Yarn Drive. If you want more information check out this post and then this addendum. We are still accepting yarn through October 15th, so there is still plenty of time to get your name in the drawing for this yarn or a $20 gift certificate to Knot Another Hat.

In Other News: I have finally converted Sarah to the dark side. She got a Lendrum for her birthday! She took me along on Wednesday to Woodland Woolworks and she bought her very own spinning wheel. She has been spinning away and I already need to teach her how to ply. To read more about it check out her blog.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Knitting News

Yes, I still knit, even if my blog does not seem to be reflecting that at the moment. I know that I have been knitting but I just don't feel like there is enough progress really to show, so I don't take pics. Then magically I have a whole sock done and most of a rabbit done. See what I mean:

This is the first trekking sock done. I am now keeping records of where the little sock has trekked to, kinda like the Yarn Harlot, just without all the photos. I thought it would be cool to have a log, since these socks are destined for great things and great travels. So here is the list: They went camping on the first camping trip I ever took with my husband, a day at the beach, lost of time at Knot Another Hat, and they visited the Yarn Harlot when she came to town. Not have bad for a pair of socks meant for greatness =)

Here is my magic rabbit. I know that she doesn't look like much now, but she is going to be felted and hopefully look much better. I am taking very detailed notes, so if she does turn out well then I will probably offer a pattern. I've been thinking of making a cute bunny then designing a line of clothes for her as well. I may also get to make a sheep that will be her friend.

In other yarn news: Here is the latest yarn that has been sent to us. Karen from Seattle (we have two Karens that frequent the blog) sent us a great big box of acrylic yarn (bottom left) . On top of that is a lovely box of mostly natural fibers (including wool & alpaca) from Chrissy. My bag is on top of that. On the right are donations from local people one being Cindy, who donated lots of wool from her felted bag stash. She makes amazing felted bags and is unfortunately blogless. When she saw me eyeing it she threatened that it had better make it to the middle school and that she had better see some kid out there knitting with that lamb's pride. hehehe, I don't think she has too much to worry about. Teri (also blogless) is the other person who donated the bottom box on the right, contents of which can be seen on Sarah's blog. Quite a few needles have been donated to the cause, which I think is really cool. I think there will be enough yarn by the time we are done for the students to have their choice of yarn and needle size. Thanks so much and please keep it coming!

Note: As you can see from the picture we are starting to pile the yarn in the hall. It probably will go in batches to the middle school and I am hoping that we can get some pics of it there and with the students.

Oh, and one last thing, our friend Destiny now has a blog. She home schools four boys with lots of patience and she knits. She brought her boys into the shop one day and they were actually really fascinated by what I was knitting and I chatted them up about things that boys like such as Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Carribean. Make sure to check out her blog.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

More Yarn!

I just had to show off this latest handspun yarn:

It is so pretty! I really love it and I thought that I wouldn't. It really isn't my colors, but it is pretty and cheerful, so that means I like it. It will be for sale shortly at Knot Another Hat on My Page!

In more yarn news: I managed to clean out a bit of my stash for the cause. It isn't as impressive as I had hoped it would be because I did a pretty big clean out in the spring. Still I have donated the rest of my Peaches and Creme yarn. I'm not in washcloth mood, as I know many of you are at the moment, but I figure that I can always buy more from Sarah if I need a fix.

My next thing to spin is the yarn for the prize drawing. It will be fun to spin and I will post pics of it when I'm through. Until then happy blogging/knitting!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


And boy do I have a lot to talk about there. There are three new skeins up in my etsy shop.

There is Mech in 100 grams, Bad Girl in 100 grams, and I just added undyed skeins so that people can dye their own. I have just been so busy busy busy lately that I haven't had time to dye more. It's been fun busy, so I won't complain too much. I'm hoping to get back to it soon and have lots more yarn up. Though I do seem to still have time for commissions, if anybody is interested.

Like I just finished this skein for Peninah, which I named Peninah in her honor. She really wanted a skein of sock yarn that was dark grey with bits of brown and purple. This is the yarn that I came up with and I hope that she really likes it!

Last, but not least, on the topic of yarn is that we have already started to receive yarn from people. Check out Sarah's post on the subject to see the yarn that we have got. Also there have been lots of needle donations, which is really awesome. The class has decided that they are going to make hats for the hospital, like preemie & such, as their final charity project. I think it is just awesome that these kids are getting so involved with their community while learning how to knit. If you would like to donate check out this post (or scroll down). Thank you to everyone who has promoted our call for yarn. It should be fun to see how much we can get.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Birthday!

To Sarah! Make sure to go over and wish her a happy birthday today! I'm sure she will enjoy it =)

It's a big one too, after all a girl can't be 29 forever =)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pay it Forward

Today marks the 5th anniversary of 9/11. I have been reading so many accounts today out in blogland, it is really amazing to me and really sad. For me it was truly surreal. When the planes hit the two towers I was working out in my aunt & uncle's pear orchard, much like how my husband is working out there today. When I was told about the planes I thought my uncle was joking and had to go ask my aunt. When we took our lunch break we watched the news at their house and it was beyond belief. I guess what was so totally surreal to me was that everything went on as usual. The pears still needed to be picked and people still needed to work. Those things still went on while this terrible crisis was going on in New York. The only strange thing being that there were no planes in the sky that day, not even the little ones that frequently pass over our town from our tiny airport. I never really noticed them until they weren't there, making their silence all the more poignant.

I thought that in response to such a morbid day that I would post about the Pay it Forwards that I sent out as a little way of making the world a brighter place on this day of rememberance and sadness.

So, a little while back I put together some Pay It Forward packages because Sarah gave me a Pay it Forward (thanks!). So, I thought that I would reveal who I sent things off to because they have all received their goodies.

My first two packages I gave to Sabrina and to Sarah for being such good friends. You can read about Sabrina's here and Sarah's here. My last two packages were to Krafty1, who was the sockaploooza pal that I spoiled. I have really enjoyed reading her blog since then and she sent me her lovely gansey pattern, which is really awesome. You can read about her package here. The last person that I sent a package to is to Ancient Threads. She was my really awesome One Skein pal who went above and beyond in her packages to me. I sent her a little kit that I think that she will enjoy. Thanks to all these wonderful people, I just wanted to let them know that I appreciate them. If I had a bigger budget I would have sent out more to more people. There are just so many wonderful people out there and I hope you know that you are appreciated too.

If you received a Pay it Forward make sure to put your pin in the map!

Now I am off to go sort through my stash for the middle schoolers! Also, I should have some more sock yarn up in my etsy shop soon. I just have been so busy lately I haven't had as much time for dyeing, which is good too. I'll show you what I have soon and some knitting updates.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I have gotten a few questions about my request for yarn. So here we go:

Karen asks:
Is there a particular fiber you are looking for? Are they going to learn dishcloths (I'll send cotton), scarves (I'll send something snuggly) or something else?
I think just about any fiber will do. Wool or snuggly would probably be the most practical since we are heading into winter, but I am sure that they can learn on anything. Their teacher wants them to do a final project for charity such as Chemo caps or preemie caps for the local hospital or squares for an afghan. I'm sure that they would also probably like to make Christmas presents as well since the term ends right around there.

Anne asks:
Can I send some yarn from the uk?
We'll accept yarn from anywhere. I think I forgot to mention a deadline for the drawing and since today is September 9th, I think a good due date would be Sunday, October 15th. That way there is a little over a month for international senders to send in yarn as well.

Karen asks:
What gauge of yarn are you looking for? I've got a load of acrylic that was gifted to me by a family member and I'm a bit of a yarn snob, so I thought I'd send it your way, but some of it is the normal red heart, some is wool-ease, and some is baby yarn.
I think any yarn size will work. Acrylic is fine too. I learned on acrylic, but have since become a yarn snob myself. I happened to offload that part of my stash years ago to a charitable organization. Also, it is good for preemie baby things because it is hypo-allergenic usually. Send it our way!

Tasha Asks:
Is there a deadline for the yarn donations? Also, are you accepting knitting needles?
The deadline is October 15th. We will accept knitting needles too. Sarah donated US size 9s, so I am sure that they could use more if you want to send them.

As a last note Sarah is going to donate a $20 gift certificate to Knot Another Hat, which will be usable with her website. She has pretty much everything on her website that is in her store, so there are plenty of choices. So there will be a drawing for my skein of yarn and a drawing for her gift certificate.

Tomorrow (Monday) I will be back to my normal posting with updates on the call for yarn as things come in. Keep the questions coming I'll answer anything you send (about the call for yarn).

Friday, September 08, 2006

Yarn Harlot Continues (or my shameless plug)

I am so very very excited! I have been on Cloud 9 all the day long, mainly because of this post! The Yarn Harlot actually put my pic up (a good pic at that) and highly complimented my yarn. It just made me giddy. She also mentioned Sarah and Sabrina, which really made all of our day. On top of that I actually received an email from Kelley Petkun (the owner of Knit Picks) about how nice it was to meet us, a bit about spinning (she was spinning on a drop spindle that night), and how the Yarn Harlot showed everybody my yarn after everyone was gone. Then Della of DellaQ bags came in to the shop today, because Sarah carries her bags. Believe me we all felt like it was celebrity day!

Ok, onto my shameless plug. I got this idea from Chrissy who is offering a gorgeous pattern for cashmere socks on her blog to help fund Diabetes research. Truly go and check out her blog and buy her wonderful pattern. I have knit her stuff before and she is fabulous designer.

Oh, yeah, my plug. Well, I was hoping to ask a favor of all the lovely knitters out there. Our local middle school has just started to offer knitting as an elective to their 7th & 8th graders. They have a very small budget, since it is their first year, but will get better if it is a success. My request is for yarn donations. Think about clearing out some of your stash so that a whole new generation of people can learn to knit. Sarah has already donated needles and we are donating the proceeds of the Sunday Help Class that I teach to help fund their class's final project which is for charity. The only thing left that they need is yarn for their learning projects. Some of them already know how to knit and some of them are just starting out. So any yarn would be awesome. Also, since this is an elective, it means that each of these 30 kids is there voluntarily! They want to knit and they need you to send in your yarn. If you would like to do so, you can send your yarn to:

Knot Another Hat
202 Yasui Bldg
16 Oak Street
Hood River, OR 97031

As an added bonus I will put an entry in for every person who sends in yarn for a skein of yarn similar to what I gave to the Yarn Harlot. And please send balls of yarn that are bigger than 1 oz or 28 grams so that there is plenty for them to work with. Thank you so very much, I now need to go through my own stash and see what I can donate to them.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

When the Yarn Harlot comes to Town

things are definately cooler. I am still so excited that I got to see and meet the Yarn Harlot. If you get the chance to meet her definately go and do it! I got to hold the sock! Which, of course made my day.

And how did I get this rare honor? Well I spun her a skein of my beaded mohair yarn. I really love this yarn because it always turns out so beautiful. It is also the same yarn that I made for my One Skein Project. I still have probably about 3.5 ounces left that will got to Knot Another Hat in the near future. The picture does not do it justice. I also got a very nice compliment on it from a couple of knitters/spinners that were sitting behind us. Come to find out one of them was Kelley the owner of Knitpicks! How cool is that? Of course I didn't know it at the time, but it is still really cool. You can see her in the background of this group shot of us, just barely. She is the one in lime green. She moved down later to right behind Sarah.

This is all of the girls or as Sarah called us, the knittahs from the sticks (too funny!). From left to right this is Sarah, Me, blogless Jeanine, and Sabrina. This is not the most flattering picture, at least for me, but the girls have other pics up on their blogs. Not to mention that Sarah also got her picture with the sock because she owns a yarn store. This was taken at like 6pm when The Yarn Harlot was suppose to talk to us at 7:30pm. We scoped out the place at 5:30pm and saw that they only had like 70 chairs. What were they thinking? So we grabbed a quick dinner at the nearby pizza place (except for Sabrina who had a cookie & chocolate sundae with fudge and caramel sauce, whipped cream and nuts from Ben & Jerry's). While there we saw Chrissy, which was really awesome. I didn't get a pic, but I think she got one of the group of us. When we were done with dinner we headed back and we got awesome seats that were only 3 rows back. We were really glad we did because by 7pm it was standing room only!

Then Stephanie arrived and she is really funny. I love her books and her blog, but she is even more funny in person. I felt that Stephanie really knew how to talk to us and explained so much about how it feels to be a knitter in a muggle world, with humor of course. We knew entirely what she meant by explaining to muggles about going to see her. Our group gave up and termed it "going to see a very important author to the knitting community." We stopped trying to explain that the Yarn Harlot is really cool and not somehow preverse. Then we fanned the flames of our geekdom by going to The Button Store (the coolest button store ever!) before we went to Powell's. You should have heard Jeanine trying to explain to her friends/family on the phone about how on top of it all we went to a button store! Really I don't think the novelty passes to the rest of the world. So, that was our evening. I really really enjoyed having a night out with the girls and I hope to do it again, hopefully in the near future.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yarn Harlot!

The Yarn Harlot is coming today! I am so excited! The girls (Sarah & Sabrina) are closing early and we are going to do a bit of shopping before we go to see the Yarn Harlot. On top of that, my husband had a really promising interview, which makes me super happy! So, to calm my nerves I thought that I would post some update pics.

This is my lovely trekking sock in progress. I am going to take it tonight to knit with. I love this sock! I feel really proud because I continued the rib down the back of the heel. I wasn't sure how it would look on a short row sock, but so far I like it. I love these socks and I don't even care if the second one doesn't match. I just love them and I love seeing how the colors change.

Here's my latest spinning. I have been rather bad about posting up yarn pics. I keep forgetting, but they are down at Knot Another Hat. You can check them out on my yarn page.

Coming Soon: I am sending out 2 pay it forward packages today. Might even be to some of my readers. I'll post about it when they receive their packages!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Manly Yarn Continued

All of the manly yarn is up in my etsy shop. That includes:




Check them out!

I haven't been knitting too much, but I'll update when I have something to share. Mostly I've been working on the socks in my sidebar.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Manly Sock Yarn

I tried my hand at dyeing manly sock yarn. I feel pretty good about the results and I might try a couple of other colorways that are floating around in my head.

Every colorway is approved by my husband, which I have dubbed as my manly colorway advisor. The top row (sorry about pic quality) are what I have done so far. From left to right there is Cinder, Camo, and Mech. They should be for sale in my etsy shop tomorrow.

One of my favorites that I dyed was this one that I have dubbed Cinder. It could also be named Halloween or OSU, in Sarah's honor. Which reminds me, I can dye any sock yarn in your favorite team's color. That means your favorite professional team, college team, or even your child's school team could be proudly represented in your very own one of a kind sock yarn. Leave me a comment if you are interested.

In other news: The Yarn Harlot is coming to Portland on Wednesday, so Sarah, Sabrina, myself, and a few other people from Hood River are headed to see her. I'm so excited to meet her!

Friday, September 01, 2006

September Bag Sale

I have now put all of my felted bags on sale for 20% off on my etsy store. They are wonderful bags which would be great for gifts or even better for oneself. They would make great knitting bags and could hold projects and such, depending on the size. Go and check it out, because at the end of September they will all go back to their original prices.

Coming Soon: Manly Sock Yarn & Team Sock Yarn