Friday, September 29, 2006

A Little Change

So, I finally have before and after pictures of our bathroom. As a little note, my husband and I more or less housesit for my grandparents that have moved into a retirement home. It works for us as my husband is trying to find a career (we graduated from University of Oregon a year from last June) or at least a permanent job. It works for my grandparents/my family, because there is some sort of fear that meth users are going to take over the house and use it for evil purposes. It means that we at least have a place to stay relatively rent free. The only trouble with this house is that my grandfather smoked in the house for 20 odd years before they moved out. Though don't worry the basement (where we live), was thoroughly scrubbed and tubbed and painted before we moved in, or else we wouldn't be here. The last vestige of unpaintedness (though it was scrubbed) was the small (and only) bathroom in the basement.

Here is the bathroom in its before stage. Note the lime green. Also note that the lime green is not only on the walls it is also on the ceiling. I do happen to like lime green, especially in garments and such, but I don't seem to like it very much on the walls or on the ceiling. This, by the way, is the only room in the entire house that has the ceiling painted something other than white. This house has many quirks like that where one just has to ask what on earth were my grandparents thinking. They built the house in 1985, so it wasn't exactly all that long ago.

Here is the in progress shot. You can really see the contrast between what we were painting and what was there before. The ceiling is now white in this shot, which is truly wonderful. I worked the first day with my husband and together we painted the first coat. The second coat on the ceiling and the rest of the walls was painted solely by my husband while I went to work down at KAH. Yay him! He is truly a wonder and I love him very much for it! Now please some wonderful company hire him permanently, he is such a good and hard worker!

Here is the finished bathroom. It now has a soft green in it and white ceiling. We also had a bit of a time putting together the evil towel rack. It had never been put into a stud so the screws slowly came out of the wall. That and when I went to "fix" it the first time it wasn't exactly level, though I blame that on it being an optical illusion. So we found the stud, and we bought a level to put the stupid thing in. It also had 2" screws for some odd reason (I should have taken pics of them), so they were a pain to put in. Our nice cordless drill didn't want to put them in, so we got to do it by hand. It was definately a comedy of errors. At some point one or the both of us need to become a bit more handy or at least buy more tools. Yes, that will solve all our problems =P.

The last and final finishing touch to the bathroom was a pair of these rugs. I found them at Target for $6.95 a piece on sale. I just simply love them. The pile is low enough that the bathroom door can go right over the top of them. I have a feeling that this does away with my making garterlac bathmats, at least for the time being. I still really really want to make one, but I'm not sure where I would put it. Hmm...perhaps a woolen one out of slubby handspun for my welcome mat... Ok, I have ideas, and I will keep you posted if they actually come true.

In Knitting News: Go and Check out Sarah's Blog post on the Middle School kids. We went on Thursday to visit their class and drop off the second load of yarn to them. They were so excited to see all that yarn. It was just incredible to see so many young people enjoying knitting and crocheting. There were even several boys in the class, which I am always glad to see. It made me feel very good for running this little yarn drive and thank you all for participating along with me! =)

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Anonymous said...

it looks quite nice! i remember our bathroom when E bought it and moved in. YELLOW!!! [evil evil color] with a YELLOW bathtub, sink, and i think toliet. we reglazed the tub & tile and replaced the vanity and toliet. *sigh* now the glaze is peeling off.