Friday, September 08, 2006

Yarn Harlot Continues (or my shameless plug)

I am so very very excited! I have been on Cloud 9 all the day long, mainly because of this post! The Yarn Harlot actually put my pic up (a good pic at that) and highly complimented my yarn. It just made me giddy. She also mentioned Sarah and Sabrina, which really made all of our day. On top of that I actually received an email from Kelley Petkun (the owner of Knit Picks) about how nice it was to meet us, a bit about spinning (she was spinning on a drop spindle that night), and how the Yarn Harlot showed everybody my yarn after everyone was gone. Then Della of DellaQ bags came in to the shop today, because Sarah carries her bags. Believe me we all felt like it was celebrity day!

Ok, onto my shameless plug. I got this idea from Chrissy who is offering a gorgeous pattern for cashmere socks on her blog to help fund Diabetes research. Truly go and check out her blog and buy her wonderful pattern. I have knit her stuff before and she is fabulous designer.

Oh, yeah, my plug. Well, I was hoping to ask a favor of all the lovely knitters out there. Our local middle school has just started to offer knitting as an elective to their 7th & 8th graders. They have a very small budget, since it is their first year, but will get better if it is a success. My request is for yarn donations. Think about clearing out some of your stash so that a whole new generation of people can learn to knit. Sarah has already donated needles and we are donating the proceeds of the Sunday Help Class that I teach to help fund their class's final project which is for charity. The only thing left that they need is yarn for their learning projects. Some of them already know how to knit and some of them are just starting out. So any yarn would be awesome. Also, since this is an elective, it means that each of these 30 kids is there voluntarily! They want to knit and they need you to send in your yarn. If you would like to do so, you can send your yarn to:

Knot Another Hat
202 Yasui Bldg
16 Oak Street
Hood River, OR 97031

As an added bonus I will put an entry in for every person who sends in yarn for a skein of yarn similar to what I gave to the Yarn Harlot. And please send balls of yarn that are bigger than 1 oz or 28 grams so that there is plenty for them to work with. Thank you so very much, I now need to go through my own stash and see what I can donate to them.


Anonymous said...

Me again......I taught my grandaughters to knit when I went over there in the summer..(South Africa) and loved how quickly they took it up (especially no 3..Bethany aged 5). When I go back at Christmas (I hope!) we are going to learn how to purl!!!! ( Daughter is a painter/drawer /maker rather than a knitter!!)
Can I send some yarn from the uk?

Karen said...

Is there a particular fiber you are looking for? Are they going to learn dishcloths (I'll send cotton), scarves (I'll send something snuggly) or something else?

Thanks also for mentioning Chrissy's pattern - she's donating the proceeds to the Walk-A-Thon I'm doing!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Vonnie - I'll throw in a $20 gift card to the store (valid for online use) to the prize mix.

Anonymous said...

What gauge of yarn are you looking for? I've got a load of acrylic that was gifted to me by a family member and I'm a bit of a yarn snob, so I thought I'd send it your way, but some of it is the normal red heart, some is wool-ease, and some is baby yarn. And when I say load of acrylic, I mean a good-sized moving box. Just let me know.

knittinmom said...

There's going to be a little box of goodies heading your way in the mail today... Let's get those kiddos knitting!

Jillio said...

what a great cause! you'll be getting lots of yarn from me, for sure! knitting should really be incorporated into schools more often...sewing, too. :)