Monday, September 11, 2006

Pay it Forward

Today marks the 5th anniversary of 9/11. I have been reading so many accounts today out in blogland, it is really amazing to me and really sad. For me it was truly surreal. When the planes hit the two towers I was working out in my aunt & uncle's pear orchard, much like how my husband is working out there today. When I was told about the planes I thought my uncle was joking and had to go ask my aunt. When we took our lunch break we watched the news at their house and it was beyond belief. I guess what was so totally surreal to me was that everything went on as usual. The pears still needed to be picked and people still needed to work. Those things still went on while this terrible crisis was going on in New York. The only strange thing being that there were no planes in the sky that day, not even the little ones that frequently pass over our town from our tiny airport. I never really noticed them until they weren't there, making their silence all the more poignant.

I thought that in response to such a morbid day that I would post about the Pay it Forwards that I sent out as a little way of making the world a brighter place on this day of rememberance and sadness.

So, a little while back I put together some Pay It Forward packages because Sarah gave me a Pay it Forward (thanks!). So, I thought that I would reveal who I sent things off to because they have all received their goodies.

My first two packages I gave to Sabrina and to Sarah for being such good friends. You can read about Sabrina's here and Sarah's here. My last two packages were to Krafty1, who was the sockaploooza pal that I spoiled. I have really enjoyed reading her blog since then and she sent me her lovely gansey pattern, which is really awesome. You can read about her package here. The last person that I sent a package to is to Ancient Threads. She was my really awesome One Skein pal who went above and beyond in her packages to me. I sent her a little kit that I think that she will enjoy. Thanks to all these wonderful people, I just wanted to let them know that I appreciate them. If I had a bigger budget I would have sent out more to more people. There are just so many wonderful people out there and I hope you know that you are appreciated too.

If you received a Pay it Forward make sure to put your pin in the map!

Now I am off to go sort through my stash for the middle schoolers! Also, I should have some more sock yarn up in my etsy shop soon. I just have been so busy lately I haven't had as much time for dyeing, which is good too. I'll show you what I have soon and some knitting updates.

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Anonymous said...

thanks.. you made me cry. In the really good way.
That is what it is all about.