Thursday, September 14, 2006


And boy do I have a lot to talk about there. There are three new skeins up in my etsy shop.

There is Mech in 100 grams, Bad Girl in 100 grams, and I just added undyed skeins so that people can dye their own. I have just been so busy busy busy lately that I haven't had time to dye more. It's been fun busy, so I won't complain too much. I'm hoping to get back to it soon and have lots more yarn up. Though I do seem to still have time for commissions, if anybody is interested.

Like I just finished this skein for Peninah, which I named Peninah in her honor. She really wanted a skein of sock yarn that was dark grey with bits of brown and purple. This is the yarn that I came up with and I hope that she really likes it!

Last, but not least, on the topic of yarn is that we have already started to receive yarn from people. Check out Sarah's post on the subject to see the yarn that we have got. Also there have been lots of needle donations, which is really awesome. The class has decided that they are going to make hats for the hospital, like preemie & such, as their final charity project. I think it is just awesome that these kids are getting so involved with their community while learning how to knit. If you would like to donate check out this post (or scroll down). Thank you to everyone who has promoted our call for yarn. It should be fun to see how much we can get.

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bipolarbear said...

That new handspun is gorgeous! Is it for sale? If so, I call dibs!

Nor really, I'm very envious. I just started spinning with a wheel and it's all I can do to keep the singles from being too "energized."