Monday, September 25, 2006

So Much Time

I only wish! It seems like the holidays are looming up already. I always plan my Christmas stuff in September so that I have plenty of time to make things. This does not, however, mean that I am not still madly knitting the night before to finish of that last little bit of the toe on a sock. My one consolation is that I do not knit for my husband for Christmas. I think it lends a bit of sanity to the holidays. I do, however, have a gorgeous sweater planned out for him for the winter, but it does not have to be done by Christmas. I'll show you all the yarn soon.

So, since I am already busy, I decided that I would join Socktoberfest. I know that I will be knitting socks next month, since I like to keep a pair on the needles. I will especially be knitting a pair next month because I am not going to get a pair done for Sock-A-Month for this month. The most likely candidates are my traveling trekking socks (which you can see my progress on Sarah's OFFF post). They will be done next month, which is perfect =). I'll hopefully get to start on another pair then too, but we shall see. Anyway, Socktoberfest is really cool, so if you haven't joined it already go take a look at it and join the party!

I will leave you now with a couple of cool buttons that will be on the sidebar soon. They are for two of my favorite blogs: Whip Up & Major Knitter.

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