Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blue Footed Booby

I actually knit this way back in April for my husband's birthday. I just forgot to get a photo of it at the time. It sits on his desk at work. So I had to have him bring it home for said photo. 

It is a bit of an inside joke and probably pretty silly. It's a blue-footed booby (rav link). He says it's nice to have a booby at work. Also when one of the guys is having a bad day he asks them if they want to hold his booby. I know it is silly, but that's the strange sense of humor my husband has. Which is part of the reason I love him so very much. I knew he would love this little guy, and I loved making him. It is knit out of leftover stash of Cascade 220 and Eco wool. The pattern is one of the birds in Feathers by Knitting at Knoon.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweet Pea

I finally finished the Sweet Pea Cardigan with buttons and trim and everything. Here is Constance modelling it:

The smallest size is definitely a 6 months or so size. 

Here is the button and trim detail. Button holes are crocheted on after, so any size buttons can technically be used. I got my buttons and trim from The Button Emporium in Portland. I just love them!

Here is the whole outfit. I know this will be just wonderful for our new little one come this fall. I posted before about this sweater with errata and all that good stuff here!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

How Far Does this Yarn Go?

Have you ever had yarn that just seems to last forever?

This is definitely the case with A Swell Yarn Shops Skinny Duet Yarn. I bought this yarn back at Oregon Flock and Fiber in 2007. For Christmas that year I knit my mom a pair of socks (rav link). Then I knit a pair of baby socks for a friend (rav link) in June of 2008. I held onto the rest just in case I had a baby girl of my own. From what was leftover I knit the above pair of baby socks and a pair of mitts. The mitts I even made a bit big so they would fit for a long time. 

After all that I still have this much yarn left. Not enough for a project, but maybe a stripe or two in something! I love this yarn! 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I love this pattern! This is the Melker pattern from Pickles (rav link). The newborn size is free, but you have to pay for the bigger sizes.

What I really really love is the story behind this sweater. Blair went into Portland by himself. While there he did a bit of yarn shopping for me. He brought home these 3 balls of purple Cascade 220 Superwash and asked me if I would knit something for our baby girl. Of course I couldn't refuse him and went looking around for a pattern. I already had my eye on this one, so thought the 2 made a perfect match. 

Here are the matching hat and booties. The truth is even though I love purple (as you can tell), I actually don't find myself knitting with it all that often. I knit with a lot of blue and green. So this was a lot of fun to try out colors somebody else picked out and create a cute set for our little one! I'm sure she will love these warm woolies and hopefully they will still fit her come fall!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Maternity Leave!

Happy June! It's getting down to the wire, so I thought I would start my maternity leave a little bit early. Mostly because I'm not going to make it to Black Sheep this year. However, my lovely friend and booth partner Donna of Plover Designs is going! So most of the yarn and fiber is going with her! We are delivering it this weekend, so I'm taking it all out of the shop. Whatever yarn & fiber is left I will ship. Patterns, shawl pins, and stitch markers are still available, but for the time being the shop is fairly bare. I'm actually going to take this opportunity to upgrade the website a little bit. So the shop will be up and fully stocked sometime in late July / early August, if all goes according to plan! Though, no custom orders until September!

Of course, I will try to keep the blog updated with progress reports and lots of knitting! I still have plenty to share with you! Thanks!