Friday, June 09, 2006

One Skein Swap

I received my One Skein package on Wednesday, which really rounded out a wonderful day. I love the yarn I got.

The white skein is a really nice wool that felts! I am so excited. I have been poking around with options like buying ecowool or even spinning some white. I might still do both, because this is going to be for something special. I think that I will make a whole flock of white rabbits. Something that is just for me. The second is a ball of Trekking. I love it. To clarify just a little, I can get trekking at my local yarn shop, I just can't get all of the colors (and there are a lot of colors). I especially can't get the one that I got off of ebay. I even tried looking through Sarah's sample books from the supplier and we didn't see it. Oh, well. I love sock yarn. I don't think she has this color either (thank you! thank you!). The other things are a little box with little round stones (cute!) and a bar of handmade soap. I'm just so happy with everything I got. It's so awesome to get mail, especially packages of yarn =). The next package will be after she has traveled to Buenos Aires. How cool is that? For some reason I keep thinking alpaca. Hmmm...can't wait to see what's in the next package.

I had thought that I would post about the package that I sent out too, since I sent it out the same day I got mine. Just I have had second thoughts. There is the tiny tiniest possibility that my pal could possibly maybe read my blog and then she would see it and the surprise would be spoiled for September. So, I am saving up my photos of the packages and I will post them in September. I have sent out some pretty cool things. I hope that she likes them =)

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