Monday, June 05, 2006

My Birthday part 1

Why is this part 1? Well, because my wonderful husband has promised to take me out Wednesday to spend some birthday money so I will put up shots of that too =)

Birthday Presents

This is what I got on Saturday. My birthday is actually tomorrow on the dreaded 6-6-06, for which I am going to ignore. I am going to be 23, (a baby I know). So a bit about what I got. My mother went a bit pink ceramic crazy for me. She loves knick-knacks and things so I got plenty to decorate my home. My aunt (mother's twin sister) got me the adorable Hello Kitty socks. I am a sock fanatic. I love both handknit socks and novelty socks. I have almost nothing else in my sock collection. Then my lovely husband got me the sock blockers (woohoo!) and a new ball winder. My old one I lost the clamp to it some time ago at one of those great outings with my spinning wheel. So my husband transformed my old one into a portable one by taking of the metal thingy on the bottom and now I have a permanent one that will stay at home. I love tools! I am also really lucky to have someone who supports my habits =). I also got some birthday money and Sarah gave me a gift certificate to Woodland Woolworks, which is one of the places that I am headed to on Wednesday. I have my eye on a yarn meter and perhaps a new ultra sturdy knitting bag. So we will see what I end up with.


peninah said...

Happy Birthday! What wonderful gifts :)

Roberta said...

Happy Birthday, Lavender!
Ooooh, shopping, would you like my list!?!
Enjoy your special day!

Anneonymouse.!!! said...

Happpppppy Birthday to you.

Knot Another Hat said...
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Knot Another Hat said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lavender, Happy Birthday to you! (imagine me singing it in your head) (better yet, imagine Campbell singing it)