Thursday, June 29, 2006

Black Sheep Goodies & Happy Anniversary

Today is my 4th wedding Anniversary! I am really happy about it, just we are both so busy that we will have to wait to celebrate it. I think we might manage something like maybe a movie, who knows, we'll see. I just wanted to say that I love my husband very much and I look forward to many many more anniversaries with him.

Ok, on with my goodies from Black Sheep. This lot is all of the white stuff that I got to dye and spin into beautiful yarn. In the front is some Merino/Silk that I am not sure where I got it from because I can't find the company name. Next to it on the left is some 19 micron merino that I got from Carolina Homespun. They are really nice people and I shop from them every year. In fact I think all of the white that I got is from people that I have shopped with before and love a whole lot, except for the merino silk, because I don't know where that came from. In the back is some lovely Karaoke white (50% fine wool / 50% soy silk) from Dyelots. I used to go visit Janice at her beautiful shop while I still lived in Eugene. I know that she has moved into a bigger and better space since then that sounds really cool. If you are in the area it is worth seeing. Also in the back row is some Merino/Tencel from From Barn to Yarn. I have bought alpaca from them before. Their fiber is always very nice and perfect for dyeing. I think more of that really pretty sock yarn is in order, like what I did for sockaploooza.

Here are the two dyed things that I couldn't resist. The one on the right is wool with rayon slubs in it. I wasn't too impressed with how the roving looked as is, but the vendor had a sample of it spun up and it was gorgeous. The vendor being The Fiber Addict, who doesn't have a website, but does have an email address. The other fiber on the left is optim merino. Optim is where they take the merino fiber and stretch it down to the fineness of cashmere. It is super soft and less expensive than cashmere. It is also suppose to be machine washable because the stretching moves the scales on the hairs further apart so that it won't felt. I am thinking sock yarn, but whether I am going to sell it yet or keep it for myself is yet to be determined. If I decide to sell it will have to go for like $45 and I'm not entirely sure that anyone would buy it for that. Besides I really love it, so it just might have to be mine after all. This roving is from Stick and Stone.

I did buy a couple of other things, but they are for swaps and things so I can't show them. I will tell you thought that I got them from Fox Hollow Farm and Fiber, who I used to visit quite a bit when I was still in Eugene.


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