Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Black Sheep at Last

Ok, so I finally have time to write about Black Sheep. It was really exciting.

The drive down is about 3 hours, depending on traffic. So, here we are going down the long and very straight I-5.

Here is blogless Erika (She is going to get a blog soon). She drove me down and we enjoyed many hours of travel together. She is a major shop-a-holic and Black Sheep was a total temptation. I just taught her to spin, so she bought fiber, I taught her to knit, so she bought yarn, and she already embroiders, so she bought embroidery yarn too. She learned how to knit so that she could make complex lace shawls. I think she found plenty of lace weight yarn just for that purpose too. She really wants to take pictures of her work and place them up online, so I am sure she is just on the verge of getting a blog.

This is just for color. Color was everywhere and it left a lot for inspiration. More than likely this is Dicentra Designs, which I love for her bright color that doesn't bleed when it is rinsed out.

This is McKenzie Alpacas. When I was still at the University of Oregon our knitting group would go and visit their farm. She is always very nice to visit and has some of the nicest alpacas. They are soooo friendly they just about eat out of your hand.

At Lunch we took a break and hit one of my favorite places to eat in Eugene, Newman's Fish and Chips. One of the joys of going to school in Eugene is that you get to know the best places to eat for little money. My husband and I decided that they have the best fish and chips and that Fisherman's Market (the other fish & chips place) has the best sauces. Now if they would just merge my fish and chips needs would be fulfilled =)

After lunch I met up with the bloggers. I somehow managed not to take any pictures of them (where is my brain?). I met Jen, Dene, Tammy, and (of course) Chrissy! Thank goodness for Chrissy putting up all the links to their sites. I am terrible with names and I guess blog names are even worse for me to remember, though I had visited a couple of them before. I really did want to knit with them but I was so distracted. I still had one half of the last room to walk through and all the animals to see. It was too much of a lure, so off I went shopping! I also saw Asher and Emily out shopping too.

Look at the pretty, freshly sheared alpacas. These guys are such cuties! There was an alpaca show at the same time that always happens at the same time as Black Sheep. There was one year, like 3 years ago, that it didn't and made many of us sad.

Here we are back on the road home. This is I-84. I just love the gorge, it is so pretty. The weather was really nice and I was exhausted by the time we got home. I'm going to post soon about all the stuff I bought. I just need to get pics of it. Most of it is white, but I will give a nice shout out to all of the great vendors that I bought from.


Fyberduck said...

I think the Gorge should win the prettiest skies contest, Montana doesn't come close ;)

slow unraveling said...

my jaw dropped when i happened upon your blog and saw this post...i knew your first pic was I-5 before i even looked at the caption, but then i scrolled down to find a picture of newman's fish and chips! i ate there _a lot_ during college! thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of I-5 and the gorge! i have driven both roads so many times and i'm incredibly homesick, but hopefully i'll be driving both roads in a few weeks! wish i could have made the gathering...

Kim in Oregon said...

I love Newmans! It is my favorite summer place to eat. Although I haven't got the nerve to try the halibut cheeks!

Glad you had fun at BSG....it was overwhelming as usual!

Cheryl said...

You're right about the colorful fiber being Dicentra Designs. I buy something from her every year. Thanks for sharing your BSG experience and for the tip about Newmans.