Monday, June 12, 2006

Sockaploooza Finally Fulfilled

I finally received a pair of socks and goodies for sockaploooza. I think (and correct me if I am wrong) that I was rescued by a swap angel. Thank you! Thank you!

Alison says that if my pal magically pulls through that I will just have 2 pairs of socks. I think that I can live with that. Included in this package was my beautiful socks (that fit great), a sheepie on a key chain, a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn, fruit snacks from the UK (she is from the UK), a lavender sache, and a lovely post card. I have to share the card that she included with the socks just because of how cute it is:

  • Rainbow Socks: Legend has it that these are magic socks. -that the yarn was hand crafted by elves in the Hinterland of Olde English folklore. Each strand was carefully dipped in the seperate colours of the very rainbow that pours itself into the fabled crock of gold. Luck for sure is the one who owns these socks!
Believe me, I couldn't be more tickled by that note. I do feel very lucky and maybe it was just meant to be that I got these socks instead of any other.


Fyberduck said...

That's too cute! What a cool swap angel.

Anne said...

Glad you liked the socks, and the trade I don't have a blog, but I dipped in to yours to see if they had arrived safely. Certainly quick delivery as I only posted them on Friday. My grandaughters just love Jellytots. Enjoyyyyyy.
Anne (aka. Anneonymouse )

Knot Another Hat said...

Wow Y - those are amazing socks. They remind me a little of the pair you did for the store - only more vibrant and cheery. Love 'em!

Karen said...

What a great package. I love the sentiment int he yarn. :)