Monday, June 26, 2006

Strange Relatives

Ok, so I am finally able to sit down and write out a nice long post. I was going to post about Black Sheep, but I have spent the past 2 days dealing with strange relatives and trying to avoid them.

Well, we have known for awhile that these relatives of my grandfather's wanted to come to visit. We were rather dreading it. Our dread was more than accurate. It is a toss up which one was worse, the bossy one, her daughter the low class one, the sleazy guy, or his girlfriend. The bossy one is my grandfather's sister, who mainly told us things, and did not ask. Like telling us that she was going to come to our house and look through our old pictures because she was sure that some of them were her's and she wanted them back. For one thing if there are any pictures that were possibly her's they were given to my grandfather some 20 years ago and she has no idea which ones were her's. My mother, who is the family historian, was really pissed and by no means was she going to let them go through her precious papers and photos in case the might find something.

Next, her daughter, has something like 10 grandchildren, which she decided to show pictures of each and every one of them and tell us the status of their virginity. Now really I have not ever met any of these people before in my life and really truly I don't want to know. In fact I really don't care whether they have promised or not promised to wait until they are married. In fact it rather grosses me out.

Next, the creepy guy. He is apparently the son of my grandfather's brother. We have never met him before either. Now keep in mind that he is the first cousin to my father and in his mid-50s. He managed to somehow manhandle or annoy every female person in the room. He managed to manhandle my mother's shirt until it came off of her shoulder and it was not a low necked shirt. He fondled her twin sister's hand so bad that she wasn't sure if he was counting the diamonds in her ring or coming on to her. He kept patting my hand, which people that know me know that I don't like people in my space. He watched my 16 year old cousin as she walked around the room to the point that her father, who is normally not aware of such things, comment that "it is such a difficult age." His girlfriend was not much better, since she went around trying to kiss and hug all of the guy's.

Overall they just seemed pushy and like they were fishing for information. They did everything but actually ask to see my grandparent's bank statements. We were all deeply offended by their behavior and I am so thankful that they are leaving on an early flight tomorrow.

I think that I am too tired out to post about Black Sheep tonight. I have all my pics and it will be a long post. I hope that every one out there isn't afflicted with such strange relations.

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annonymous said...

'Blimey they sound like a rum lot' as we English would say. Don't let them spoil the weekend's memories. It is so true that we cannot chose our relatives, and be thankful they do not live too close by!!!!! I hope!!!