Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Birthday part 2

So yesterday I went out into the world to go for a day of shopping and good food. It was loads of fun even if I was totally exhausted by the end.

First stop was Woodland Woolworks. This place calls to spinners and knitters alike. They have a sale room and also tend to have pretty good everyday prices. I love visiting them anytime. Pictured above is the lovely roving that I had to get. Top row: 20% cashmere 80% Superfine Wool, Merino Heather (Hollyberry), and Merino/Angora/Silk. The bottom: 20% Cashmere 80% Superfine Wool (Mocha), Wool Heather top (Cornflower), Merino Heather (Snapdragon), and Merino/Angora (Lilac). All of them are 4 oz (116 grams) each. I especially love the Cashmere/Superfine Wool blends because they were in the sale room for really cheap. They were around $16.50 each, which is really inexpensive. I think I am going to dye them up, spin them really fine, and sell them in 2 oz (60 gram) skeins. I think that they will dye really beautifully and be so much fun to spin up. Just a dream, I can't wait! =)

Next stop was the main room. They have Meilenweit on sale for $13.50 a ball through the month of June. I just couldn't resist this ball of yarn. It is all pretty and heathery. It reminds me kinda of 50s colors and my favorited colors to dye with (turquiose & lime). I think it will make a very lovely pair of socks.

This is my main reason for going to Woodland in the first place. I really really wanted a yarn meter. I have been using my niddy noddy as the tool of measurement for my yarn. While it does work, I felt that if I am going to continue to sell my yarn that it really should have yardage that is more accurate than that. I tried it out today on my skeins of sock yarn (that are coming soon) and I am really happy with the results. My other big goal for the day was to find a better knitting bag. I think I have some ideas that combined with my mother's sewing knowledge will turn out pretty awesome. I'll post about it when I have more news.

After Woodland we headed out to eat at Gustav's. We both had the fondue and we split a small caesar salad. Then I ordered the chicken fettucine alfredo (which is to die for) and my husband had the pork schnitzel. We were too full for desert, which was too bad because they have some very good options. I just love going there, but it is a bit pricey, so we go on special occasions like birthdays =)

Then we headed out and we went on a little adventure to find the shop mentioned on the Posie Gets Cozy blog. I discovered her blog through the knitty blog and was surprised that her and the shop that she makes things for is located in Portland. There are so many cool knitters and designers in Portland. It still amazes me to find another one so close to home.

Next we headed to the button store, because I needed to find a button for my latest felted bag. It will be up here as soon as I can put the button on it with the button hole. I also nearly have the pattern finished for it which will be up on etsy as well. I'll announce both when I get it all together.

Our next stop was Powells. I still had enough money left on my card from selling back books that I could get this handy dandy reference. I haven't thoroughly looked through it yet, but so far it looks really awesome. It goes through the common motifs of Guernseys, Jerseys, and Arans, so coupled with The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns I should be able to make just about anything my little heart desires. Since I, for some reason, have been having this complete urge to knit a guernsey sweater. Mainly it is a sweater to go with the yarn that I have been spinning. Of course this is completely the wrong time of year to be sweater pattern shopping, since everyone else wants to make summer tops at the moment. I want to make summer tops too (I even have one on the needles), but for some reason an intricately textured winter sweater calls to me too.

That is just about it for my birthday travels. Other than my one skein package arrived. I will be posting up more about it probably tomorrow when I can devote a whole post to thanking my secret pal. It is really awesome =)


Roberta said...

I LOVE that book. I had to order it from Alibris. I used it for help with designing Jersey Girl.

knittinmom said...

What a great birthday! Sounds like my idea of a perfect day...

Your handdyes look lovely. I am so psyched by all the beautiful yarn that is springing up all over the place!