Thursday, June 01, 2006

Trekking: A Sad Story with a Happy Ending

Last week I received a ball of Trekking XXL Color 100. It came all the way from the UK in only 3 days. I was so impressed by this, but I should have taken it as a warning sign of what was to come. My little trekking ball ran away from me. Apparently it was so excited about the Trek Along with Me KAL that it left without me on it's own little adventures.

So, ok, here is what happened. On Saturday I took my little ball out into the world to show it off and run a few errands. It apparently had other ideas than actually staying with me and wandered off. So on Monday I realized that it was no longer with me. I briefly searched the house and my mother's house, but thought that I must have left it down at my LYS because that was one of the places that I had been when I last saw it. So, Tuesday I ventured down to my LYS and it was not there. It also wasn't at So Much Fun where it had been shown to Sabrina. I then thought maybe it would be in the car, it liked the car. Nope, not there either. Then my husband and I started to think about that day. We rechecked my mother's house, we checked my brother's car, we rechecked our car, rechecked our house. Nothing. My husband even checked the couch cushions until I pointed out to him that it was a little big to fit in there. Then he remembered that we had gone to see X-Men 3 on Saturday and maybe it was there. So, we went down to the theater and he sent me in alone. Now I don't know if any of the rest of you have been in the position of asking if there is a ball of yarn in the lost and found, but I can tell you it was not fun. There were two girls there that were obviously in high school with bleach blonde hair. I asked them if they had seen a ball of yarn and they gave me that 'you must be from another planet' look. They briefly looked through the lost and found box and said nope it wasn't there. So, back on the hunt.

On Wednesday, I decided that I would give it this one last day to look and then I would just give up entirely as a lost cause. Apparently the world was too exciting for this ball of yarn. So, I went down to my LYS (I actually was shop-sitting for So Much Fun) and looked all around. The movie theater still bothered me. I have this thing about knitting in the theater, I am always afraid that I am going to lose something because it is so dark and I can never find things. So at the end of my day downtown I trekked over to the theater again. This time the girls (different girls) were both really helpful. Both of them were sure they had seen a ball of yarn only it was purple (hmm...lots of knitters in town). They looked through the lost and found again only this time taking things out of the box and looking through it thoroughly. Then one of them thought that it might be in their back room so she went and looked. Still no luck. They told me to leave my name and number and they would ask the janitor or if they came across it they would give me a call. I thought for sure this was a lost cause and that I would just have to find another less rambling ball of yarn. After my husband and I had dinner we headed over to my mom's for one last look (after all I had given it to the end of the day). We hung out there awhile chatting and such when I got a phone call at 9pm. It was from the movie theater. They had found my ball of yarn! I hustled my husband out the door and sure enough it was my very ball of yarn, unscathed and everything. (See photo above)

I think that this pair of socks is going to have to be a pair of traveling socks. Definately socks that I go out in the world and not socks that I stay at home and relax in. I don't think that they would allow it for one thing =)


Christine said...

That is so funny that your Trekking yarn has already had its very own little adventure without you! I'm glad you got it back, I know I would be crushed if I lost my Trekking yarn!

Roberta said...

You could call them your "Rambling Rose" socks. ;-)

Knot Another Hat said...

I'm so glad you found it! It just wanted to catch the movie a couple more times, I guess!