Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Felted Camera Bag & New Buttons

I got a bag done for my husband. He really needed a bag for his new camera, so I thought that I would make him a felted one. I even had the Karaoke yarn on hand! I picked out manly colors (color 277) that stripe very nicely and felts up even nicer. Under the flap is not a shadow, it actually goes from black to brown to grey.

This bag took less than a single skein. I cast on 24 sts and knit back and for 12 rows or until I thought it looked long enough. Then I cast on another 24 sts to it and knit in the round until the bag part measured 9". It was simple and fabulously quick to knit up. The hardest part was sewing in the velcro at the top. Velcro and knitting does not mix, so I don't usually work with it, but I did with this because he needs to have quick and easy access.

Here is the back. I worked a couple of holes into the back after it was felted. I then used one of the velcro strips that my husband uses to strap computer cables together as a strap that would attach to his bag.

Here is an action shot. The only trouble is that it was a bit big for his tiny camera. So I suggested that he put his cell phone in there too. They both fit perfectly! I know it looks a little flimsy but it is solid and does not fall off or open without a bit of work.

Hints for felted bags:
  • If your bag is too fuzzy (I don't like them fuzzy), then you can use a shaver, such as one for your legs, and shave your bag to a less fuzzy state.
  • Knitting a couple of garter rows on the front of the bag opening will make it a little stronger and more durable.
  • You can shape the bag a bit into place by stretching it while it is still wet.
  • You can also shape the bag and help it to shape the way you want it to by ironing it (these last 2 work like blocking)
I have found a couple more buttons that need to go up. I started listening to Pointy Sticks a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoy listening to it. I also really love her button. She has a really cool podcast, so go check it out.

I just joined the Trek with Me knit-a-long. Pretty much you pick out a color of Trekking and then take pics of it while out trekking. My thoughts immediately went to the staircase that I climb a couple times a week to go to KAH. I also think that I might end up at Lost Lake this summer and that would be awesome too. The only catch is that the deadline is tomorrow, so if you want to join, you only have a short time to decide.

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Knot Another Hat said...

So the camera bag looks completely olive on my screen! And I know you were knitting it in a grey-ish color, right? I'll have Jason look on his computer. Nice bag! Blair's a lucky fella~