Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day Photo Essay

Today was an adventure in photography, for my husband that is. He just got a new camera last weekend. It is a cute little Olympus. Which is like mine just mini for on the go pics. I actually have stolen all of these pics off of his blog, but I thought that I would talk about our day through them. He has more on his blog The Porch Swing.

First off we went down and visited Sarah at Knot Another Hat. This is a pic from the Yasui building in downtown Hood River. It really reminds me of some of the old pics of downtown Hood River in the 20s and then in the 50s.

Next we went out to Idlewild cemetary to meet up with my family and put flowers on the graves of my ancestors. We put flowers on two sets of great-great grandparents, then my great-grandparents, one great-great aunt, and my baby cousin. It is tradition that we put flowers there over Memorial weekend. We also put flags on the ones that were veterans.

This is actually a picture of me. My husband thinks that it is really good. I think that it looks alright, but then I never really like photos of myself. I must think it is good if I will actually will allow it up on my blog.

This is my parent's dog Molly. I simply love her as one of the greatest pets. She loves my knitting too. She usually will sit on my soft yarn or whatever I am knitting with and give me dirty looks when I need more for my project. She is also as camera shy as I am, so to get this shot she must have been in a pretty good mood.


Myst Dragon said...

Poor Molly, she was tricked! I caught that as we were leaving today, and she was looking to go outside with us.

Karen said...

Hi there, Thank you so much for the message you left on my graphics site about the Alchemy portion of Etsy. I had no idea that existed, but it looks like a great place for me to check out on a regular basis. Your husband is a great photographer - and I really like your picture. I'm like you though - I alway HATE pictures of me. :)