Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Updates Galore

So I thought that I would post up a few updates for knitting projects and such.

This first is the update on my baby booties. These booties are taking more time than I ever imagined. I thought no problem I will just sit down for an evening and two little booties will appear. So far it has taken me nearly 4 days and still I am only on the second one. It probably would help if I could actually work on them continuously, but my mind seems to wander. Oh, and speaking of socks I have finished the pair for Knot Another Hat and as soon as I get the pics from Sarah then I will post them up in all their glory for my sock a month knit-a-long.

This second project is a store model for Knot Another Hat too. It is a Fiesta Scarf that is knit the long way. It is super simple and takes only one skein of Fiesta to knit up. Sarah knit one up before and it took her forever. Oh, and what happened to that lovely scarf? It was stolen right out of the shop. It really really annoys us that people feel it necessary to steal the nice store models that have taken quite awhile to make up. We also know that it isn't the wonderful knitters that are local either. It always starts up with tourist season. We love seeing new people in the shop, but it makes us just about want to have eyes in the back of our heads to see what everyone is doing. (Also, stalking people around the store isn't an option, even if it is so tempting.) So I am knitting up a new model in Jamaican Spice. I have to actually take this one out because we thought the original one was on 9s and it seems a bit small, so I am going to try 10s.

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