Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two Sparkle Bags

These are what I call my Sparkle Bags:

They are really lovely. They are actually out of yarn that was suppose to be my very first sweater. I dyed it, but I didn't have the patience to dye it all the same color or even combination of colors. So, I seperated them into two groups that went together. Oh, and I did a test swatch to see if it would even felt. It was sooo pretty felted I knew I had to make them into bags. I'm not sure exactly what the yarn is because I lost the label, but I know that it has wool in it. It might have mohair. Also, it most certainly has a sparkle to it that makes it super pretty. The forest bag has a little pink spot on the bottom to go with the pink handles. I have also listed up two new bags in My Etsy Store that I will get to in the next few days. Also, I sent off my Sockaploooza package and I will post up what I sent and details about my sockaploooza socks.

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