Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stash Clearing and Sale

You know the best way that I can think of getting rid of odd stash is to ebay it. I love ebay. My thought is that if I sell off parts of my stash then I can reasonably use the money to buy more stash. An endless cycle I know, but isn't it fun?

I have sorted out roving and an assortment of yarn. I mean what am I going to do with over 2 lbs of lace weight wool yarn (and that is just one color), when I am not a shawl person? Part of me wonders why I have kept this stuff for so long, but I think it comes down to the idea that I could use it. It could be a lace shawl, and I could suddenly have a fascination for them and want to knit them. So, I decided that I was going to put my foot down and have a hard look at my stash. I have convinced myself that if ever I have the urge to lace knit or knit anything that would require the yarn/fiber that I am off-loading then I will simply purchase it at that time. We'll see if it works =)

Here is a huge lot that I am off-loading. I had a strange habit of keeping all sorts of different yarn because I once learned to tapestry weave and really really loved it. My Professor even goaded on this obsession by telling us that a simple piece of yarn that is 6" long would work in a tapestry as a little highlight. How crazy is that? But it all sounded so fascinating at the time. (And, no, there are not any 6" pieces in my listings, I threw those away awhile back.) So, if you are interested in looking at my stash clearings for rock bottom prices you can check out my ebay listings. I will be posting up more for the next few days.

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