Sunday, May 07, 2006

Handpainted Novelty Yarn & More

On Friday I decided to have a One Shot dye party. I was pretty much on my own, but it was still fun, a bit breezy, but fun. I have been meaning to dye some things because I had a stockpile of white things that just needed to have some color added. That, and I found out that this truly ghastly novelty yarn down at Knot Another Hat was actually dyeable and I wondered if I could "fix" it if it was dyed something other than white cat vomit.

Here it is in it's undyed form. It is Whisper from Crystal Palace, which I am truly sorry to them for the insult to their yarn, but why is it so terribly ugly? It has sat down at KAH for the longest time because it looks truly terrible. Their other colors of it are actually rather pretty, so I can't quite understand it. The white is a dirty white and then the other color is something like shell I think. Both are ghastly, but when I suggested that they could be dyed Sarah was so happy that she let me experiment with the whole lot. We're not quite sure how we are going to sell it or what price and such, but it will be for sale at Knot Another Hat.

Here it is all dyed up. I was so nervous that the bright pretty colors would just wash away, but they didn't. I actually had very little to no residue at all when I went to rinse them, which is quite amazing. The colors are a bit washed out because they were backlit on the line. I will probably have some better pics later when they are reskeined and ready to go down to the shop.

Here's some more pretty yarn. This yarn is going to be turned into felted bags. Except for the middle bit which are going to be my Alpaca Watermelon Socks that I had planned awhile ago.

This last bit is a bunch of roving that I dyed up to spin. It is mostly superwash that I got from Woodland Woolworks and some that I got from Little Barn Fibers off of Ebay. Both are really nice and I think will make super nice yarn for socks and hats.