Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sock Yarn Addiction

So, I saw these beautiful socks on the Mason-Dixon Knitting Blog that totally have me entranced. They are Ann's first socks and were just so lovely that I went on the hunt for the yarn. Ann claimed that it was Trekking XXL so I started with looking down at my LYS for it, because they carry Trekking. No such luck. We even looked throught the catalogue of their yarn to order and I could not find this yarn. Finally I went onto ebay and looked it up. I got this lovely yarn all the way from the UK. I'm paying under $18 for it (including shipping), which still makes it really reasonable for sock yarn. I know that I am addicted to sock yarn and the worst part is that my husband is too. I can see us now in our old age with an entire room (house?) divided in half with "his" and "hers" yarn stashes =)

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Roberta said...

I taught my husband to knit this year and have often had the same vision for the future!