Friday, May 12, 2006

4th of July in May

I finished a beautiful skein of yarn and started a new one. I wanted to get a few skeins done for Knot Another Hat so that I could work for awhile on some yarn that I want to make into a sweater.

This yarn I decided to name 4th of July. It just seemed so patriotic, since it was red, white, and blue to begin with then I added silver flash, which are the little sparkles that you can see in the photo. It is really awesome yarn and I enjoyed spinning it a lot. I kept thinking of different names for it like sparkler or star spangled banner or my husband thought fireworks would be awesome. In the end I chose 4th of July because it covered everything. The rest of the fiber is an alpaca silk blend. I think that it will be really awesome for somebody to make something for the 4th of July and if I put it out there now then they will actually have time to make something out of it.

This is my latest yarn that I am spinning. I am going to call it Sea Turtle, unless I change my mind when it is plied. It is superfine superwash. It is really soft and I am spinning it with the idea of it working for socks. It will also be down at Knot Another Hat when I am done with it.

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