Friday, May 19, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

So I have been up to all sorts of fiber prettiness. Wednesday was such a pretty day out that I thought I would paint a couple of silk scarves. I had a bit of a time getting everything together, but in the end I managed these:

It just makes me feel nice to create something so pretty. I haven't painted scarves since last fall and I could tell that the display down at Knot Another Hat was lacking. My most popular one is the pear one since that is one of the things that the Hood River Valley is known for. I was then inspired to do the second one in windsurfers, as a new design, since that is another thing that Hood River is world famous for. I am going to make 2 more pear scarves for my grandfather's sister and her daughter that are visiting next month. My grandfather's sister actually got to wear the Hope Diamond and the Star of India Sapphire when she was younger. She is really fabulous and I am looking forward to their visit.

I actually got the little baby booties done including the adorable cord for the ankles. I am happy that they are done and I think my grandmother will be happy with them. She will get bragging rights for the baby shower and that will be good for her. My mom has made sure to decorate my grandparent's walls with all sorts of things about them so that they have plenty to talk about when people come to visit.

This is my sweet dove that I have adopted. My mother had a small flock of doves that she got tired of having and released into the wild. There are doves that live all around here, so it was alright. Well, this little one can't fly. She ends up flying backwards, so it makes her perfect as a pet. We just couldn't let her be eaten by predators. I originally named her Lovey Dovey, but when my husband saw her he named her Cat Food. Somehow it fits, but it just is a little morbid. She is really tame, so she can keep me company while I work outside.

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