Monday, May 01, 2006

Soy Silk Felted Bags and a Little Adventure

Today's highlight is on my two little cell phone bags:

I like cell phone bags because they are small, easy to knit, and they only carry essentials. They are just perfect for grabbing up keys and a wallet and heading out the door. Perfect for shopping, because there is so much more room to carry lovely bags of yarn and other assorted goodies. I really love the color of both of these bags. The yarn is 50 wool 50 soy silk, which means that it is super soft. I was amazed that it could felt with that much soy silk in it, but it did. It felted really really well. The only odd thing is that the light colored one actually felted more than the dark one. I think that might be because of where they each were in the washer or maybe one just felts more than the other. They are also really cool because they have hand made glass buttons.

In other news, my husband and I went on a drive up the Columbia River Gorge (our backyard) and saw many beautiful things. I took tons of pics, but I thought that I would share my favorite one:
This is a picture of Crown Point, which is near Portland, Oregon. The clouds rolled in and the horizontal rain started. This is after the storm , when the sun was just starting to go and the clouds were turning purple. I know this is where they get "purple mountain majesties" from.

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