Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Big News

Well, I have been working on a project for some time. I have had this fabulous idea that I could design and make felted bags, then sell them. My first thought had been to sell at a local shop for tourist season. This seemed perfectly reasonable and the shop owner actually agreed. So, for the past 6-7 weeks I have been trying to knit up enough bags to make a good showing of what I could do. Well, when I finally called her back, she hemmed and hawed and told me to call me back in the middle of June!!! I couldn't believe it, but on to plan B.

Thankfully I am always thinking of other options, just in case! So, I have been hearing a lot about Etsy lately and I thought that I would try it out. They are totally awesome and I love them. So, my big news being that I have opened a store! An Etsy Store. The address to it is How cool is that? So, I am going to start featuring my bags here as well, with lovely background stories into each. To begin with here is my latest bag:

This bag is my own design. I am even contemplating selling the pattern, since it is 100% no sew. I really love this bag and might have to make one for myself. I just started thinking about how to make a bag that didn't require sewing in handles or the bottom or anything like that. I also thought that wouldn't it be cool if the flap wasn't square? I just think it looks so trendy and super cute. As for this specific one, I named it Thistle. It is named this because of the awesome button and the gorgeous purple/green combination. I just love this bag. Go and check out my other bags that I put up. I will be talking about them too in the next few days.

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Fyberduck said...

That bag kicks @ss! Too cool. Now, I must check out the shop :D Congrats!!