Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Well, I have been running my legs off recently. Last week I decided that since it was so sunny that I would go and clean all of my rugs. There aren't a whole lot of them, but enough to keep myself busy. So, I got the help of my brothers (mainly one of them), and we took them out to the driveway rinsed them down and scrubbed them. It was a lot of fun because it was a great excuse to splash in puddles while being a grown-up.

Then I got this idea that we should continue with our spring cleaning. Bright sunny weather seems to have this effect on me. I was suppose to have a dye party with Sarah on Monday, but due to a family emergency it had to be cancelled. Still, it was a great excuse to get the place looking a little neater. I got my husband to mow all the grass around here and he cleaned the kitchen. I was quite impressed, he is such an awesome guy. At the same time I went out and fixed my banquet table which had lost an essential part to it when we moved last summer. I swept the porch and tried to do away with all the cobwebs, but I swear more appeared as I swept. Then I had class for a couple of hours, which nobody showed up for. It was quite sad, but I did get the best compliment ever. That being that a spinner, that had been spinning for years, came in and she had bought my yarn before, and told me that it was so beautiful that she couldn't take it out of the skein. I was very flattered. When I got back it was back to work. I went and fixed our long staircase, which we had put shingles on this past winter to keep from slipping. I went and trimmed all the shingles, with a box cutter, to the size of the stair they were on and nailed them down tight. It looks so much nicer, I am quite pleased.

I am still in this spring cleaning mode. I still need to organize the living room a bit better and I have a couple of other projects going. I am going to make a garden on my back porch with different pots and kinda cheer it up. Also, my husband and I have decided to turn that back room into a dining room, since we really don't get company all that much. I think that it will be really nice to have regular meals with him. So far we have gotten one chair 7/8 of the way done. There are just too many screws in the silly things, but they will be super sturdy when we are done. In the mean time we have been eating out on our deck and enjoying the sun.

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Fyberduck said...

OMG, just reading it was exhausting. It should be called spring torture, right? (I hate spring cleaning, and have just been hit by it too).

Ooooh, but eating on the deck must be marvelous. Piccie??