Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Birthday and a bit of Frogging

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. So, I want to wish him a very happy birthday. Tomorrow we are going out to celebrate, since we had to get our car fixed yesterday and I have a class to teach today. It is hard to think that it was only 5 years ago when I first sent him a box of "loveletters." Now the unveiling of his fantastic birthday present:

I modified the skull hat pattern from Hello Yarns to only have 2 repeats and made it into socks. I didn't quite have the time since he hasn't been working to finish them up, but he does love them. Unfortunately, they are too small, so I am going to have to frog them completely and start over. It's a good thing I love this pattern a lot. I am going to have to add another row of skulls on both sides. Math wise this should work. Also, my husband came up with the brilliant idea of us having all of each other's measurements written somewhere so that we can reference them any time we need to. So, I now have 90% of his measurements on hand. I think I might spread this idea to a few other relatives that are on my knit list.


Knot Another Hat said...


Myst Dragon said...

Those love notes were tasty. Mmm. And don't forget the really cool tree map book of Univ. of Ore.

I miss the suicidal squirrels.

Fyberduck said...


exactly! OMG, I actually choked. Oh, the horror.

But, Blair's idea is genius... a journal. We should design a knitter's reference journal... oooooh.