Monday, April 10, 2006

Sockapaloooza Update

I have been wondering for awhile how much a person has to change a pattern before it is no longer the original person's pattern but really mine. So far I have changed the guage, the yarn, the length, the heel, the toes, and I am sure a myriad of other things.. The original pattern is from the toe up, and I reversed that. The toe in the original pattern is shaped for each foot so they are slanted opposite ways. I am planning on making the toes that I like that are from The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook.

Here is the yarn that I am using. I have my beautiful handspun that I bought off of ebay from Winderwood Farm. I just love this roving. It is 70% superwash and 30% Tencel, which means that it is machine washable if one is so daring.

Knitting this sock has been a dream. It just calls to me to be knitted. I turned the pattern into an ankle sock because my sock pal prefers ankle socks. I just love these so much I might end up having to make myself a pair. We'll just have to see how much yarn is left over at the end.
This is the heel of the sock. I just loved that the pattern had the word "SOCKS" on the back of them. I really hope that my sock pal likes them too. My husband made some comment about them being like T-Shirts that say "T-Shirt" on them, but I am going to ignore that comment and just revel in the beauty of the pretty sock. I think that I will be done with both of them this next week. They are just too much fun to knit and I have been having so much fun b/c I found a size 3 in the Clover Mini Circ's. Woohoo!


bySarah said...

Your "Sock" socks are beautiful - I love the colors and the pattern, especially the colors. And I am sure any sock knitter will appreciate a sock that is labeled as such.

Kristin said...

It's GORGEOUS! You have one lucky sock pal!

Erica said...

Too cute! Love the colors, style, everything.