Thursday, April 06, 2006

Updates and such

Well, our internet has been going in and out lately, which has been terribly sad. For more details you can check out my husband's blog with all of the technical details. I think I might spread out my updates so as not to overwhelm myself with all that is going on. I have sockaploooza updates and updates for the shawl knit-a-long as well. They will be coming I promise. Today's update will be my yarn that is down at Knot Another Hat. Which is selling out at an incredible rate. The last yarn that I posted up is already gone, which is super awesome, but it is keeping me really busy. I have also gotten compliments from two completely different people from two completely different instances saying that my handspun was the best they had ever seen. I am quite proud of this. *happy dance*

This yarn is named Monet's Garden because of all of its pretty blues, greens, and purples. I really loved spinning it and I only wish I had more since it was something that I dyed with my husband. I just love surprises like this one and I loved how it spun all lumpy. I just let it do what it wanted to and I was quite happy with the result.

This is my most expensive yarn so far. I picked up the fiber at The Abernathy Grange Sale from Fox Hollow Farm and Fiber that I used to go visit while I still lived in Eugene. It is a mix of Cormo Wool, Mohair, and Angora. It has a pretty halo that is hard to see when not in person. This is also a yarn that wanted to be lumpy, so I let it. I named it Watermelon Patch.


Fyberduck said...

I'm drooling over the "watermelon patch" - you got that from Rolly??? Wow.

You work very hard on your handspun! Unlike some others, so of course it's much nicer :) (I have to admit I was embarassed by some of the handspun I saw at Lint, who made that?)

Lavendersheep said...

Yeah, it is a nice combo. It's all that sheep-to-shawl training. Keeps my yarn in shape =)