Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lavendersheep Buttons and Things

Well, I have decided that I actually need a blog button and such. So, I went to work and produced:

I think I will have some big news in the next couple of days, which has inspired me to make buttons and some changes to my blog. I think that it is about time that I use my logo, which is 100% my design. It is taken from a doodle that I did some time ago and now thanks to the power of computers can be rendered into a beautiful digital format. Maybe at some time I will get my much more computer literate brother to make me up an even prettier one. Here is a little icon for me to replace the pretty purple sheep above:

Knot Another Hat also seems to be in a button mood (she actually made hers before I did). So, this will be in the sidebar:

1 comment:

Fyberduck said...

"big news"???? You tease! I'm putting up the lav sheepy :D