Saturday, April 01, 2006

Long exhausting week

Well, Asher headed off yesterday after a very exhausting week. I think I have been more exhausted this week than I have in a long time and that is including the three days that mom and I spent pulling up the carpet and making the room presentable for Asher's visit. In my mind I pictured this semi-quiet week with lots of rest and company. All of that changed when Blair lost his job b/c then we had transportation.

So, Saturday we drove all the way down to Albany to pick her up, which is a 2 hour drive one way. Then Sunday, we went out to the Foothills Yarn and down to Knot Another Hat for my class. Monday we went to Portland and went all over the place. I finally got to go to Lint which I have heard quite a bit about and is a really awesome yarn store. It has a really nice seating area and plenty of books and yarn. Then I got to tour Pendleton's design department thanks to a friend from college whose mother works there. It was truly awesome. My only regret is that my husband didn't get to go because he would have loved all the techie aspects of it, such as their computer design process and a printer that prints out clothing patterns and cuts them out at the same time (my favorite). We had a nice lunch and then headed down to a lavender soap shop (sorry have no idea how to spell it) that Asher wanted to visit desperately and that she visited back when we were travelling through France. Unfortunately it gave me a headache so I went and sat out on the bench with Opus (the friend with a mother at Pendleton). Then we all ventured over to Knit Purl and I finally got to look through a copy of Sensational Socks, unfortunately I was completely off budget for the month, but it is on my list of really good books, as is One Skein that I got to look at while at Lint. I was so exhausted by that point and I could tell that my husband was too, probably really bored too since he got to mainly babysit the car. He has the patience of a saint! I was really hoping that the rest of the week would be much more toned down, but I think we ran our legs off just about everyday. Tuesday we went down to KAH again since it is the day I usually hang out there and I had a class that night. I was so happy with my class since the person already knew how to knit so I just got to goof off and show her extra things like ssk's and m1's (woohoo!). Wednesday we went and watched anime at my parents, which at least was a little restful. Thursday Asher wanted to see more of the landscape so we trekked all the way up to Government Camp where there was plenty of snow. It was a nice day, kinda springy feeling. It really is nice to live in an area where there can be snow found all the year round as well as beaches to go play on. Friday we saw Asher off to the train, where her family ended up picking her up at. Blair and I got to come home to a quiet house and are now getting back on track towards job hunting and ebaying (ie. life in general... woohoo!).

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Fyberduck said...

Wow, my visit in a paragrah. Again I've noticed, we have the worst tendency to overschedule ourselves, don't we? I was so certain I'd get that fleece done... and the visit seemed really short. So weird. We're so silly sometimes, aren't we? How many yarn shops did we end up hitting, anyway? ;)