Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Yarn

I just got done with some new yarn. I am putting the yarn that I was going to use for the sockaploooza socks down at Knot Another Hat. Soon she is going to have all of my yarn on the website so that it can be purchased online as well as at her shop. I am really excited about it since my yarn used to sell really really well on Ebay. Also, my yarn has been selling really well down at KAH. I have sold something like 4 skeins in the last 2 weeks down there, which is a sign that yarn shopping is going back up after February was so slow.
Here is the lovely yarn that I did before. I really love the colors. My husband dyed them at our last dye party and I am quite pleased with them. He has a knack for dyeing that I am not quite sure is skill or luck. Either way I really like what comes out and it is a lot of fun not to dye alone. I decided to name this yarn Monte Carlo, which I think is fitting for it's bright colors and such. I think it would make a nice hat or something since it can't felt.

This is my other skein that was dyed by Dicentra Designs. She is incredible for dyeing stuff. Her colors are always bright and they are colorfast (something I really value in my roving). The greatest thing is too is that she names all of her colors after things from Lord of the Rings. This set of yarn, though, is from her oddball dyed stuff that she sells by the ounce. I thought these colors would be really pretty so I spun them up and named it Pumpkin Patch, because that is exactly what it will look like when it is knit up.

That's all my updates yarnwise for today. Stay tuned for KAH's site upgrade, which I am sure that I will announce on here too.

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Knot Another Hat said...

Umm, the yarn looks great. Unfortunately it's sold already. Well, unfortunate for me, not unfortunate for you.

Get ye to the spinnery! Bring more yarn!

-SB :)