Saturday, March 18, 2006

Argh...Sometimes I hate Blogger

Ok, so my last post wouldn't post. That post being all the lovely pics of spinning my yarn for Sockaploooza. When I tried to post it up all it would do is say that there were errors. So, I tried posting again. In fact I tried posting several times thinking that the site was just down and soon it would be up. I thought that maybe it was because it was photo heavy, so I tried a couple of testing posts and they wouldn't go up either. It was at this point that I noticed in my edit posts that all it had done was repeatedly post up my one post. I checked my blog and still no post up on it. So, I tried to delete all the extra posts and all it said was error. So, today, of course, I notice that oh yes it has actually posted all those posts to my blog and that it really sucks. So I deleted all the extra posts and it should be nice and slim-lined now.

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