Sunday, March 26, 2006

Foothills Alpaca trip

So, my friend Asher is here to visit me for Spring Break. We decided that we would go off and find Foothills Yarn & Fiber today since they recently moved to a new location. They are the other yarn store in the valley besides KAH and I hadn't checked them out yet, so we decided to go out and check them out. They had adorable alpacas and we got to feed them and visit the pretty yarn shop.
Here are there adorable alpacas. They were very curious about us and came up to see if we had any food.

There is Asher seeing if they would like to sniff her hand. The Alpaca is called Carmella and was very friendly.

There is Asher petting the nose of Casanova. He is so adorable, just look at the fluffy white baby fleece!After we had fed the alpacas there were little bits on that they had missed. Some were more hungry than others and came right up to the front. Asher has more pics on her blog!

PS. Ooooh! My Lavender Llama will have a friend at least until this post is pushed down.

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