Sunday, March 12, 2006

Spring has Sprung (or has it?)

Well, the weather man claimed that the last snow storm that we had "was the last cold spell that we would see." Ha! I knew when he said it that he would be wrong. My husband even was predicting snow for March and we were so right! I just love living in Oregon and it makes me even happier when we have a "real" winter. It has been awhile, but it has finally happened. So, here are my pics:

Here we are in spring just a couple of days ago. I just love the pretty oak trees that are near our place. They look so much like ents, especially with all that lichen. I took a ton of pictures of them, but I won't trouble you with all of those.

So, this was yesterday morning. Snow everywhere. It was quite lovely and rather soft snow. I think we had probably 4", luckily it was easy to travel through and we were able to go out and get our errands done in a beautiful winter wonderland.

Today it looks like this. You can see the snow line crawling back up the hills and the pretty Columbia River flowing all nice and blue. I think that I live in one of the prettiest places and just thought that I would share. For those of you that are wondering about where all the knitting/fiber stuff is here is a pic of my new yarn. It is 80% alpaca and 20% silk and is fingering weight, which I am quite proud of. It is also hand dyed by me. I love the colors and it was a total joy to spin

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Fyberduck said...

that yarn is soooo pretty. did you use some of the new one shot colours? I love that lime!