Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Handpainted Etsy Sock Yarn

I finally have some sock yarn up on Etsy.

Here are all the colors. I put 2 skeins up on Etsy last night and they have already sold (happy dance)! I have put up 2 more and I am slowly getting them all up on there. It took me forever yesterday because my camera would not cooperate. Maybe it was the lighting. We had a good size thunderstorm here yesterday that made everything dark and weird. The two that sold were Fire (Red & Yellow) and Mountain Sunrise (Pink & More). You can check out the rest of my yarn at my etsy shop.

This is my favorite skein that I dyed. I love color, in case you couldn't tell. It won't be up on Etsy until the very last if I can help it. I very nearly named it Mine! Don't Touch (he he), but figured that would be bad, so I named it Carnivale. Which I think I have managed to name every one of my favorite yarns. Who knew I could become so attached to my own yarn? I am trying to tell myself that I can make another one and that I really should sell off my first batch of yarn. We will see =)

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