Saturday, June 24, 2006

Black Sheep

Well, I am up! The time is right on this post. Other than I got up at 5:30am. I actually couldn't sleep since about 3! I love Black Sheep.

So, I have the camera packed and I am ready to head out for a good day of fiber buying. My main goal is actually dye, since prochem doesn't seem to offer USPS as a shipping option anymore. $15 for 3 bottles of dye, ouch! So we will see. I am sure that I will be wiled into some lovely fiber as well! I'll post pics either later today or sometime tomorrow. It is a 3.5 drive down to Eugene, so I might just fall asleep when I get home. See ya all later =)

PS. And a happy anniversary to my parents. 27 years!

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peninah said...

hope you had lots of yumminess. :)