Friday, June 23, 2006


Well, I received a couple of packages. The first I won't bother you with a picture because it is just another shipment of yarn for painting. I'll show you when I get some done. I think, though, that I really won't have any time for dyeing until July. So, a couple of weeks. Things are so busy what with Black Sheep being this weekend. Then Chrissy is going to come and ride the Thomas the Tank Engine with her kids next week, so I might see her. Sarah is going this weekend with her daughter. My anniversary is also next week. Then we lead straight up to the 4th, which is also a big event. I'm more or less organizing a bbq for it, which I will hopefully get pics of to share. So, after that I will be back on track with dyeing and posting on Etsy. I think I might even manage some handpainted novelty and possibly some handpainted ribbon yarn.

The second package that I got was from Krafty1, the person that I knit socks for for Sockaploooza. She sent me her very pretty Jersey Girl Pattern and a chocolate bar as a belated birthday present. I think that it will be the right size exactly for all that sweater yarn I have been spinning. I also "stole" this lovely Knit and Tonic button from her for my sidebar, since I don't have a button for her yet. Thank you Krafty1 for the lovely present. I think that it will be perfect.

In other news Knot Another Hat's new website should be up today. My yarn isn't up there yet, but it will be soon. I'll make sure to point out where when I know it is up!

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