Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thank You!

I have so many thank yous to give, so I thought that I would bunch them all together. It's also a catch up on some odds and ends I have been meaning to post up.

Thank you Peninah for this really awesome bag. It is definately Lavendersheep fabric if ever there was any. I really love the little sheep and wish that I could find more of it. I have no idea what I would make out of it, but it is really rocking awesome!

Even the bunny likes it! I've decided to name her Daisy and she really likes her new hat, even if that wasn't the intended purpose! And yes, I know that I am nut for putting it on her head.

Thank You to everyone who sent me links and helpful information about the Sugarplum Pullover. I think that I will be alright. I've been emailing and blog stalking I think that it is all good. Thanks to you guys I even managed to find a single blog out there with the sweater completed. So, my hopes are up that can go ahead and knit it. Also, if anyone is looking for errata for Handknit Holidays there is an errata page here.

Thank you to Sarah for posing with this lovely eye pillow. I have had this pic for a bit and have been meaning to post it. It is an action shot of one of the La Luz Eye pillows, which you can find the pattern on the sidebar.

Thank you to everyone that has donated yarn so far to the middle schoolers. The deadline is still this Sunday, so there is still a little bit of time left. We are going to have the middle schoolers draw the names this next week when Sarah and I go over to help teach them how to make hats. I'll make sure to take pics and let you know of the results then too.


Anonymous said...

it's a very cute hat on a very cute Daisy. (random odd factoid about moi: my mum wanted to name me Daisy)

i'll see if i can find some more for you. yay!!

Anonymous said...

You are a nut - if anything just for posting that picture!!! :)