Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prizes, Surprises, and a Whole Lot More

So yesterday Sarah and I went and taught the middle schoolers how to knit hats. Sarah did most of the talking, since a room full of middle schoolers tends to give me flashbacks of middle school. I wouldn't go back for anything. She had a very nice lecture on knitting a hat flat with diagrams and everything. I did, however, manage to teach a few of them a knit on cast on instead of a backwards loop for better stability (Check Vogue Knitting if you want to know what I am talking about). I have at least taught this age group in learn to knit classes, so that wasn't so bad. They are all very good kids, if a bit chatty, and all are very interested in knitting.

Here is a picture of my travelling sock with the class. It had to get it's moment of glory. I am only 10 rows away from the toe, so I am sure that I will get it done for both Socktoberfest and Sock a Month 2.

Before we left we held the drawing for a skein of my lovely handspun and for the gift certificate to Knot Another Hat. The winners are: Peninah, who won my yarn, and Teri Strauss, who won the gift certificate (she is local, and I hope I spelled her name right). What is really interesting is that Teri was our very first donor and Peninah was one of our very last donors. Thank you to everybody who donated to our worthy cause, we are very grateful to you all. If you did not get a chance to donate to us Major Knitter is still accepting donations for the children she is teaching to knit, so go check her out! Also, check out Sarah's blog for more pictures of the middle schoolers and her take on the event.

I also wanted to mention a few websites of interest out there. The first being Chrissy, a wonderful designer from Portland has updated her website with fabulous new patterns and pretty things. She was one of our donors to our middle school project and is a really cool person. I haven't had time to test out any of her new patterns, but I really want to, because they all look really awesome. So, go and check her out and buy her patterns =).

The other link I have been meaning to mention for awhile was sent to me by Figknits, who is another really cool designer. It is a list of knitting related movies. They have a long list that is still growing. You can also add any movies that they have missed at the bottom of the page. I am really excited about this, because I love to knit while watching movies and I especially love to knit while watching knitting movies. I have contributed a couple to the list already and am now keeping my eye out for even more knitting movies. So go and check it out too.

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