Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Projects Galore

I promised you guys an update on knitting and here we go:

I finished and have now blocked the Commission Scarf. I have started the matching Commission Hat, but there isn't enough of it yet to post a picture. I'm going to give the hat pattern to Knot Another Hat as a companion piece to the scarf pattern.

Here's the yarn for the top of the hat. It is beadless because the commissioner felt that it would be over the top to have that much beaded yarn. Smart choice!

I finished the slippers for the most part for my grandfather. They still need to be trimmed up a bit for loose ends and have the leather soles put on the bottom. I'm going to let Knot Another Hat borrow them as store models until I need them for Christmas.

The rest of today is pretty busy. Today is my little brother's 20th birthday, though I probably won't get to wish him a happy birthday until tomorrow. This is mainly because Sarah and I are going this afternoon to teach the middle school students to knit hats for the hospital. Then I have a learn to knit class to teach after a small break for dinner. I think that I will be a very tired girl by tonight.

Now I will leave you with this lovely picture of fall:

This is a picture from our deck. The water is the Hood River flowing by the lovely fall trees. It's a bit rainy out today, which makes it a nice day to curl up and knit for a bit before doing everything else.

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